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Incredible Ned

Read Incredible Ned and use the book for a springboard on discussion about artists and how they visualize what they want to draw or paing.  Incredible Ned, You could see what he said!

Incredible Ned, You could see what he said
Every "thing" that he spoke appeared over his head,
Or right next to his chair.  Or a few yards away,
And his friends would all shout:

Ned is an amiable boy with a shock of red hair, a shy smile and a humble demeanor. "When Ned said `giraffe,' you could see a giraffe,/ And its neck was so long it made everyone laugh./ ...No wonder the children didn't get their books read:/ It was so much more fun just to watch what Ned said."
Ned's mother knows her son is incredible when she "sees" his first word. When Ned says gorilla, his friends all jump back. And when he says bananas, it's time for a snack.

Soon Ned's teacher is upset, the nurse is up to her ears in pills, and even the bandleader doesn't know what to do — until a friendly art teacher discovers the cure when she hands Ned a pencil.

Some artwork by the kids: