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Best Pencil Sharpener Ever!

This pencil sharpener is joyful,  and Quiet .  It is sold online.  Presently, they are sold out but are back in stock this week by August 7th.  I have one and just would like to pass the word on to my readers that this is by far the best pencil sharpener I have used.

This sharpener is not only the quietest manual sharpener on the market, it also stops pencil waste as it won’t allow you to persist beyond the perfectly sharpened point once formed. Smooth crank action. The single burr sharpener gives an extra long pencil point. Metal handle, blade and body. Clear plastic receptacle drawer to collect shavings. Retractable clamps feed pencil to blade. C-Clamp included for counter top attachment.  Measures: 6 ½” long when open. 5” when closed. 5” high.
It comes in green and blue and red is coming soon.  The site says they are all sold out...I wonder why? but stock will be in by August 7. 

You can find one here
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You can also view videos at the website when you can hear and see how well this sharpener works.

The Sharpener That All The Teachers Are Talking About

It will change the way you sharpen pencils in your classroom.

You can read about it at THE MUSEUM OF USEFUL THINGS 
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