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One Smart Cookie

Start your school year with a fantastic book
teaching admirable character traits.

One Smart Cookie offers a fresh batch of words that encompasses everything you might say to a child, whether it's the first day of preschool or the last day of high school. Cookie-centric definitions range from wanting to know everything about cookies (curious) to thinking carefully about what kind of cookies to make for your friend (ponder).  Reading this book at the start of the school year will start those valuable conversations about good character and the people we would like to be.  This is one vocabulary list that will resonate well beyond the school years.

These are the vocabulary words you will find in this book:
prompt                      kindness                      humble
organized                   listening                      arrogant
unorganized                procrastinate               diligent
prepared                    persevere                   ponder
unprepared                 contribute                  daydream
compromise                creative                     dishonesty
empathy                    curious                       integrity

Sweet illustrations throughtout the book as each page describes and 'shows' what each of these character traits are....
you can take a peek of the some inside pages here  

a great book to begin the school year!  You may want to post the words in your classroom and refer back to them each time the opportunity arises.

You can download free vocabulary words and motivation cards for your students to use with this book right  HERE.  

vocabulary word cards
for teaching good attributes

easy to read bold print
display these words to refer
back to when the
teachable moment arises

Print and handout to students
How could you use these cards?