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Using Children's Literature as Springboard for Retelling

 One Monday Morning  

One Monday morning the king, the queen, and the little prince came to visit me. But i wasn't home . . . "  then each day they come back to see if I am there but they bring someone new. Finally on Sunday, I am home!
This book is a great read aloud for Kindergarten or First Grade.  Uri Shulevitz is an extraordinary children's author.   This book is a touchstone text when teaching calendar and days of the week, and  pattern in writing.  Using the character name cards and day of the week cards, have students retell the story.  This activity is great for retelling a story, sequencing, speaking and listening.  Don't be surprised if everyone wants a turn. 

You can download my writing response activity's FREE.  
Download includes writing booklet, character name cards and days of the week cards. 
Here are some samples of what is in my download:
Example pages to make a booklet for
children to illustrate the characters in the story.

Days of the week cards - Many uses for these
I made character cards from a 'old falling apart book' so children could use them in their retelling.  I didn't post them in my pdf download  as I was unsure about copyright etc.  They are cut outs from an old book;  I used photoshop to make background and title. 
Book Character Name Cards for children to use when retelling the story

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