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End of Year Memory Booklet

It's that time of year when students are thinking of summer and teachers are busy with grading, field trips, end of    year awards and                                                putting books away 

for the next year. But before you go, have your students make a great end of year memory book!

Find this "End of Year" Memory Book HERE... your students will be busy with all the pages and also have a nice collection of school memories when they are finished!

Click HERE to download your "End of Year" Memory Book.  It is appropriate for Grades 2-5.
Pages include portrait page of me this year, all about me, more about me,  favorites... books, subjects,  best friends, birthday pages, autograph pages, what I learned pages, my goals, summer reading lists, seasonal pages, field trips, holiday pages, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween,  and more! Pages are bright, bold and easy to read.  Some pages have color graphics and clip art but you can easily print these in b & w also.  Several days of fun activity in reading, writing and thinking.  Included are cover pages for grades 2-5 plus one that reads: "My School Memory Book" you may wish to use for multi-grade classrooms. 

Valentine's Day
field day
summer reading list
best field trip
Things I Have Learned

Your students will love collecting autographs from favorite school people.  Pages for summer plans and summer reading lists.

There are five different covers for your "memory book"  First Grade, Second-Fifth, and one that reads "My School Memory Book"

Get Your Beach Clip Art HERE

Enjoy your summer days!  Rejuvenate!  and Read for Pleasure!