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Read Aloud Books for Emergent Readers

Duck and Goose are about to go on a new adventure!  And so we come to find out that it is Duck who really wants a new adventure but Goose does not.  Goose likes the meadow and he is so content to stay right where he is perfectly happy. How would he know about new places?    and after all if you like where you are, why go somewhere else?
Goose finally agrees to join Duck and he finds out he LOVES the beach!  How would he ever know? 

but poor Duck does not have the same feeling....the sand's too hot on his feet, the roar of the waves is too loud.  Duck just wants to go back home.  Duck and Goose are wonderful characters that everyone can relate this book, they come to understand that it's good to be open to new adventures...yet it is so nice to go home.

      Tad Hills is the creator of Duck and Goose books and also the famous How Rocket learns to Read.  He is from Norwell, Massachusetts and his grandmother is an artist also.  His mother, a 4th grade Science teacher, inspired his love of nature by frequently bringing home animals (including raccoons, owls and other not-so-tame creatures.  Find more books by Tad Hills, you won't be disappointed. His books are wonderful stories and springboards for reading-writing strategies for the young reader.

Happy Reading!