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Motivate Students Good Citizenship with Brag Tags

set #1  ....  my students find them to be fun to collect and I find them great motivators to encourage good listening, friendship and reading.  This set focuses on citizenship and academic achievement.  There are many ways students collect can start a necklace chain and hang them in the classroom on a bulletin board, make a book of collected brag tags or put them on a chain on your backpack.  I like them to carry them on their backpacks as they are not a distraction in the classroom yet everyone seems to see them at the bus stop, in the hallway and wherever they travel.  

Children LOVE the pictures and the recognition for doing well in school...both academics and citizenship are important!

 These brag tags are available HERE.  Simply download, print, laminate and go... You can print them as needed.  Sending them home everyday is not necessary, though you could.  I suggest you hand out a few the first few weeks of school to get your students' collections started.  Then just watch and see how they cannot wait for the next time they receive them.  Often times, these types of behavior 'rewards' work best when they are earned.  You are fostering a classroom community with your students that recognizes responsible, respectful and kind people; however you also expect them to do these good deeds from the goodness of their hearts and because it is the right thing to do.  
  This set includes tags for:
  • Super Reader
  • Quiet Writer
  • Independent Worker
  • Respectful Classmate
  • Responsible Classmate
  • Act of Kindess
  • Helping Friends
  • Math Wizard
  • Excellent Speller
  • 100% Super Day All Around
  • Science Inquiry
  • Thoughtful Questions
  • Good Listener
  • Listened with Your Heart
  • I love to read!
  • I am ready to learn
  • Problem Solver
Brag Tags are a great beginning to your school year as they can foster good academics and citizenship throughout the year.  Use them to build self-esteem and confidence; hand them out when you see a student practicing the attribute on the tag.  My students carry them on a chain on their backpacks.  Silver chains at amazon are so affordable.
                                                                   find inexpensive silver chains HERE

After you have some brag tags printed and ready to hand out you might organize them in one of those compartmentalized boxes ; like the one below

Though you can just keep them in any box a shoebox.  I write the students name on the back of the brag tag and the date on a one-inch circle label... everyone likes to see their name!
Fiona is 4 years old and she earned 2 brag tags this for being 'ready to learn' and the other for learning all her numbers!  She is a STAR!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog...check back as I am just getting started with more ideas, strategies and printables for BACK-to-SCHOOL