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Back-to-School Bulletin Board

This board is interactive and can stay up the entire year....  Colorful World Map in the Center and then place your collection of books on Geography and places to visit around the world.  Students like to record each place they visit with a recording sheet.  Lots of interesting reading about different places around the world... Have you been to France or Spain?  Or maybe it's Argentina you would like to explore... excellent place to keep those maps and atlases.  My students like to talk about their recording sheets and different places they have read about at book circle time.  You will see all the map skills you can teach just by putting up this easy bulletin board...  if you need the pieces and world map, contact me at 

This board is easy, colorful, interesting and motivating.  

I placed more books in a little basket-suitcase.  Around the world with books....

Have a happy Teaching Day!