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Everyone Loves Arthur

Everyone Loves Arthur! He is one of the most liked characters in children's books.  He is adventurous, funny and has lots of friends.  Things happen to Arthur that could happen to you.
Once you start reading Arthur Books, you will want to read more.  You will get to know his good friends like Francine, Muffy and Mr. Ratburn...?!  What could he be like?  Read and find out. 

Get Your Collection of Arthur Books HERE
This is a collection of 23 Arthur books.  Everyone loves Arthur.  Beautiful illustrations by Marc Brown. Have you met Arthur and all his friends?  Each of them is such a good reader.  Add some Arthur books to your classroom library.  They are appropriate for Grades K-3.  Read Aloud in K and revisit in Grade 3. On level for readers in 2nd grade.   Arthur has so many adventures.  A favorite choice in primary grade classrooms.

Here is an anchor chart that was made by 2nd graders.  They were studying character traits. I like the compare/contrast style of outside and inside.  You can visit 'across the hall in 2nd grade' to read more. 
Reading good books to help shape character is a great way to teach good citizenship.  Book characters show us all the ways to be kind, responsible, respectful and some characters show us what not to be like.  What kind of character do you want to be?

You can get these reader response pages and bookmarks HERE
Your students will loving choosing one of these
Arthur book character book marks!
Just download and print...if you wish to laminate, it will make them more durable... place in a container... next to your set of Arthur books!  Sit back and watch them read! 

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This 'Arthur Crown' and more at PBS Kids
Get Yours HERE

Have a happy, reading day!