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Going Places

Create Something and Smile

Being creative may just get you to the place you would like to be.   Going Places, by Peter and Paul Reynolds is a fabulous read aloud and your students will listen attentively.  New York Times bestselling illustrator Peter H. Reynolds sketches out the story in his captivating style.  Introduce the book by previewing the cover and asking, "What do you think this book is about?"  Read the title. "What do you think these kids are doing?"    "Where are they?"  After discussion about these questions, ask "How will we find out?"  You will hear, "Read the book!"

The story unfolds and inspires imagination to take flight when this year's contest is to build a go-cart, race it - and win!  All are motivated and scramble to build a go-cart.  All have identical kits...why is that?   but Maya, oh Maya...she sure doesn't seem to be in a hurry to assemble a cart that looks like, feels like and is designed like everyone else's go-cart.  She quickly gains the interest of her friend and together they create, build, plan, "think out of the box"  and enjoy the process.

The author's message is 
                                                 celebrate the 'maker' child
                            teamwork is always a good idea 
                   creativity makes life a bit more interesting.

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Flying Across America

My students love watching this video.  They often ask 'Can we see it again'?  Fly across America and see our beautiful land.  This might be a nice follow up after reading Going Places.  

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