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Anchor Charts and Journal EntriesWord of the Week

Calendar Keepers and 
Activity Pages

Calendar Keepers for each month, the season, or the entire year.  Learn patterns, opportunities for daily math practice, focus on different math concepts each month:
  • counting, patterns, tally marks
  • addition, number bonds
  • graphing, learn about money
  • weather, shapes, sequence
  • and more!  Find the ones you want right HERE
Each month has bright, fun calendar clip art that makes a new pattern from the month before.  These keepers will fit in your blue monthly pocket chart; or can easily be displayed on any bulletin board. Build the month of numbers with your students.   Each month has a 'pattern' making math station building the pattern of the month.  Each set of calendar keepers is bright, colorful with bold black easy-to-read numbers!  If you want these, click here!

Word of the Week 
Anchor Charts

  • interactive journal entries
  • transition activity
  • expanding your vocabulary
  • early morning seatwork
  • keeping a word journal

Grab Your Teacher Binder Here
 Jam packed with weekly lesson planners, important school forms, monthly newsletter templates, parent letter templates, number circles and a BONUS substitute teacher notebook! 
FREE Updates for Life ! Get organized with Your ‘Everything, Everything’ Teacher Binder! Design your Weekly Lesson Planner with these bright and colorful colors and formats. 6 different formats for your planner and 35 cover designs.

classroom-management, teaching-resources- posters for the classroom
Grab these Bright and Colorful Posters for Your Classroom
Growth Mindset Posters will inspire and encourage good thoughts about learning and citizenship! 
15 bright and colorful posters to display in your classroom! More to be added and you will receive FREE updates when I add more posters. Artistic flair so they will be eye-catching in your classroom. 
These posters measure 8.5" x 11" standard size letter paper. They are easy to download and print. I recommend card stock for durability.  You can easily use these as a springboard for journal writing or writing assignments.

More Teaching Resources to find NOW … 
that help you all year long!
Posters for Classroom Display – Teach Kindness and Respect
Classroom Rules Posters for Display
Brag Tags - Improve Classroom Behavior
Writing Prompts and Activities for the First Week of School
Busy "BEE" Classroom Posters - Teaching Citizenship
I Am ME Booklet
Helper Chart
Desk Name Tags 
Hall Sign - To Improve Hallway Behavior

Teach Literacy and Life Lessons with Children's Literature:
A Bad Case of Stripes Reader Response Pages
Aesops Fables Mini-Literacy Unit
After the Fall - Book Companion
Bear Stays Up for Christmas - Book Companion
Big Al - Reader Response Pages
Charlotte's Web Literature Reader Response Pages
Charlotte's Web Literacy Pack for Primary Readers
Christina Katerina & The Box - Book Companion
Chrysanthemum - Reader Response Pages
Click, Clack Moo! Cows that Type- Book Companion
Creepy Carrots - Book Companion
Dr. Seuss - Any Book - Reader Response
Each Kindness - Reader Response Page
Enemy Pie - Reader Response Pages
Frances Books by Lillian and Russell Hoban
Frankencrayon - Book Companion
Frog and Toad Reader Response Pages and Writing Prompts
Henry Huggins - Beverly Cleary - Reader Response Pages
Hurry! Hurry! - Eve Bunting - Listening Activity
In November - Cynthia Rylant - Reader Response Pages
Island of the Blue Dolphins - Book Companion 
James and the Giant Peach- Book Companion 
Little Red Hen Literacy-Math Unit 
Louisiana's Way Home - Book Companion
Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH - Reader Response Pages
My Garden by Kevin Henkes- Reader Response Pages
One Monday Morning - Interactive Reading Booklet
One Smart Cookie - Teach Citizenship - Reader Response Pages
Only One You – Reader Response Pages
Ramona Quimby, Age 8 - Beverly Cleary- Book Companion
Reader Response Pages for ANY Book 
Snowflake Bentley - Reader Response Pages
Someday - Eileen Spinelli - Reader Response Pages
Stellaluna - Reader Response Pages
Stick and Stone - Book Companion
That's What Leprechauns Do - Reader Response Pages
The Cricket In Times Square - Reader Response Pages
The Day It Rained Hearts - Book Companion
The Day the Crayons Quit - Book Companion
The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein Writing Response Pages
The Hat and The Mitten - Jan Brett- Reader Response Pages
The One and Only Ivan - Book Companion
The Pout-Pout Fish - Book Companion
The Snowy Day - Book Companion
The Trumpet of the Swan- Reader Response Pages 
Those Shoes-Book Companion
The Very Busy Spider - Interactive Reading Booklet and Response Pages
The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Interactive Booklet and Response Pages
The Wild Christmas Reindeer - Reader Response Pages
Tops and Bottoms - Reader Response Pages
Trouble with Trolls - Jan Brett- Book Companion
Wake Up! Wake Up! - Book Companion
You're Finally Here - by Melanie Watt - Book Companion

Math Resources that Motivate and Engage Student Thinking:
Multiplication Practice -USA-States & Capitals Game
Building Towers-Addition Practice-Unifix Cube Math Station
Number Sense Math Puzzles - Learning to Count
Teddy Bear Counters Math Station-Counting-Patterns and More
Number Grids-PlaceValue-Counting
I Have, Who Has? Multiplication Practice
Listening-Place Value Activity
Division Scoot Game Math Activity
Perimeter Is Around-Anchor Chart & Song
Number Circles for Classroom Organization
Birthday Graph Display - Teach Graphing and Self-Esteem
Multiplication Practice for 5X Table
Multiplication-Bar Diagrams-Math Strategy
Multiplication Practice- Roll, Write, Multiply & Color
Multiplication - Number Bonds & Arrays

More Teaching Resources that Will Save YOU Time:
Classroom Labels and Numbers -Label Your Room
All About Birds Literacy Pack
Writing Checklist for Beginning Writers
Reader Response Journals Task Cards
Writing Sentences for Beginning Writers
Monthly Reading Logs for Beginning Readers
Listen, Draw and Follow Directions
Thank You Cards to Read-Color-Paint-and-Send
All About Whales
Make a Helpful and Organized Notebook for your Substitute Teacher
Informational Text Book Circles Reader Response Jobs
Writing Checklist for Beginning Writers
Reader Response Journals Task Cards

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