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Friday, October 20, 2017

How to Make a Story Elements Booklet for Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web

by E.B. White

Make a Story Elements Booklet


This story booklet enhances the reading experience for children.  It is a flap booklet which gives space for writing about the story elements for Charlotte's Web.  Readers write about the characters, setting, problem, solution and ending.  This booklet is very easy to assemble... no cutting, no glue.  Simply download, print on 
2 sides, fold and staple.  I usually add a bit of duck tape to make a nice binding so no snags on the staples.  

Get your story elements booklet here for Charlotte's Web.  

And if you need more reader response pages for Charlotte's Web; they are here.  Two choices: 

Both literacy packs include the story elements booklet.  This wonderful book teaches friendship, values, kindness and loyalty all set in a beautiful farm setting.  

"From three to four, [Wilbur] planned to stand perfectly still and think of what it was like to be alive." Taking time to immerse yourself into deep thought and contemplate your existence isn't such a bad way to spend your time, really."

So many lessons to learn from Children's Literature...

See you next the meantime...keep reading... to yourself and to children...

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Literacy Lessons with Children's Literature

How can a picture book be cancelled?

Michael Hall is one of my favorite authors.  He teaches us to be creative.  He teaches us to think.  Frankencrayon is entertaining and fantastic!  He sets the stage with the characters who are a group of crayons.  They are ready to read a picture book about "Frankencrayon"; however, oh my! what has happened!! the unthinkable! Someone has scribbled on the opening page.  The crayons, of course, try their best to erase this horrible scribble, but cannot and the story is cancelled!  Or is it?  Read this hilarious story to find out who saves the day and be sure to read it to some young people who can relate to seeing a scribble in a story book.  You may also like the book, Red, a Crayon's Story, by Michael Hall.  This talented author and illustrator engages readers from the first page.  You can find reader response pages HERE for Red, a Crayon's Story.  

If you wish to extend your reading experience for Frankencrayon,  I have included some links below.   
Download this pdf from Greenwillow books.   HERE
Oh, no!  Who made that scribble?

This book is an excellent choice to teach:
  • prediction skills 
  • point of view

Being creative is welcomed here!  Construction paper and crayons, cut some shapes for your kindergartens to make their own Frankencrayons!!  Materials needed: paper, glue sticks, crayons, pencils, paints, shapes and thinking!

for Kindergarteners

With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.
With prompting and support, retell familiar stories, including key details.
With prompting and support, identify characters, settings, and major events in a story.

for First Graders
Ask and answer questions about key details in a text.
Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.
Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details.
Themes and Key Discussion Points:
  • acceptance
  • relationships
  • humor
Before Reading Questions:
  • Have you heard of Frankenstein? What do you know of this story? If not, discuss the different crayons and the way in which they create a new ‘taped-together’ character. 
  • Have you read Red: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall? If so, what expectations do you have about this book? What do you recall about the author’s style?
  • Meet the cast and crew on the first page. Make predictions about the book. What clues do readers get from this page? 
  • Turn to the title page. Were your predictions correct?

Find some reader response pages to enhance your reading experience... 
Find your reader response pages HERE

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to teach Children's Literature and advance literacy skills

Writing Prompt Sticks
Writing About Whales 🐳           Writing Checklist 

Another great story to read aloud. Read this book and enhance the reading experience with reader response pages and writing.  Enemy Pie  reader response pages to write about the meaning and understand the author's message.

Check back to see more writing pages to use with children's literature for primary grades .

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

One Super Fantastic Way to Get Kindergarteners to Engage in Reading

These story element booklets were created by me to help beginning readers understand story elements and also to begin writing about books. Young readers sometimes like to write about their reading and you will know when they are ready to write.  Drawing is writing.  If you choose Charlotte's Web to read aloud, you will love this book.  I never tire of reading it to yet another group of children.  So much to talk about.  So much to learn.  You can find this booklet in my Charlotte's Web Literacy Reader Response Pages for Beginning Readers. 

These writing prompts are for Beginning Readers

You can get Your Reader Response Pages and Story Elements Booklet HERE

 If you are looking for reader response pages for more experienced readers, grades 2-3, you will want to get the red cover Charlotte's Web reader response pages.  Check below

Get these reader response pages here for Grades 2-3

Be sure to visit and subscribe for free teaching resources, updates and newsletters.

Until next time,  See you at the library, 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Reading and Writing About Christopher Columbus

Happy Columbus Day!  Read, write and learn about Christopher Columbus. Writing Prompts, fun facts and reading texts to learn about Columbus and his famous voyage.  Word study and pages for early readers and writers.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Engage Your Readers with Delightful Books -The Very Busy Spider -

The Very Busy Spider

by Eric Carle

This wonderful book by Eric Carle is perfect for beginning readers. Read Aloud, then have your students make their own booklet to read, reread and read again.

Artful and fun! Get everything you need to enhance this reading experience HERE.

Children can

  • listen to the reading
  • remember the characters
  • write animal names
  • color pages
  • retell the story
  • reread the story
  • practice handwriting
  • practice sight words
  • cut and paste sequence
Who did the spider meet? And why was she so busy?

Check back often for more wonderful books and reader response pages.  Follow me too!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

How to Improve Classroom Behavior - Easy and Fun!

Everyone's bragging about Brag Tags!  So I made some!!!
You can get yours here.  This is a great way to improve behavior in your classroom.  Students strive for excellence in academics and citizenship.  It's a collection of 'good deeds' and academic achievements... rewarded with a small tag to place on their backpacks or keep in a collector's notebook.  So fun!

brag tags, MrsQuimbyReads, teaching resources, student behavior, classroom mangement
brag tags, student behavior, teaching resources, classroom management

Characteristics and Attributes in this set:

Super Reader

Quiet Writer

Act of Kindness

Helping Friends

Responsible Classmate

Respectful Classmate

Math Wizard

Excellent Speller
I am read to learn
Good Listener
Listened with Your Heart

Asking Thoughtful Questions
Science Inquiry

Problem Solver
   Independent Worker
I love to Read!
I follow Directions
100% Super Day All Around
Hallway Excellence
Good Thinking
Playground Safety
Stellar Behavior for the Substitute
I did my homework!


Choose those that you like, and print when you need them.  

Colorful clip art makes them fun to collect! 

Friday, August 18, 2017

10 Best Books to Read [for the First Weeks of School]

These books are the best books to read aloud to your students during the first weeks of school.  Children listen and ask questions. They will ask if you can read it again.  They ask when you will read another book.  
10 favorites for the first week of school will bring about class discussions about school, kindness, citizenship, and community.  
Set the tone and read about Chrysanthemum... she loved her name until she got to school.  Read how she solves her problem.  Read Each Kindness to show your students they should never miss an opportunity to be kind.  One Smart Cookie will teach new vocabulary about citizenship.  Words like organize, create, inspire and prompt.   Display the words and refer back to them often.  
The Story Blanket  tells the reader that every question has an answer.  Babba Zarrah shows kindness and learns how that makes a difference in her own life. 

Big Al is not so cute but he is a true friend. Poor Big Al wants to make friends and he learns the perfect way to do so!  Every child needs a friend. 
 Red, a Crayon's Story, finds out he is really blue no matter how much he tries to be red and match his label.  He is true blue!  Tops and Bottoms will show Bear, not-so-hard at work, and Hare working hard to feed his rabbit family.  This book will be a natural springboard to discuss work habits, laziness and what we beget by being either. Illustrations are magnificent! 

Splat the Cat in 
Back to School, Splat is entertaining and fun!  Some books entertain and this one hits the mark for entertaining.  Teach your children that books and reading are entertaining and that is why we love our books at school, at home and of course, in the library! Read this book to your students, then just close it and lie the book in your lap.  Pause... and that is Splat, the Cat! Listen to your students talk about the book.  Characters like Splat, the Cat are joyous!

And If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don't ! will get your student's attention at the cover. This book is perfect for teaching book cover reading strategies.  READ this book! 

only one you, mrsQuimbyReads
And we are all unique!  Only One You is the perfect book to share with your class during the first weeks of school.  You could spend an entire morning on the inside pages alone. And you just might decide to do an art activity after reading this book.  Keep the rocks in a special place all year long.  The messages in this book are important to know for today, tomorrow and always! 

Get Your Reader Response Pages Here 

reader response pages, tops and bottoms, teaching resources
Writing Prompts HERE
reader response pages, teaching resources, primary grades
Writing Prompts HERE

writing prompts, primary grades, teaching resources, children's literature
Writing Prompts HERE
writing prompts, children's literature, teaching resources, lesson plans
Writing Prompts HERE
only one you, teaching resource, mrsQuimbyReads

Writing Prompts HERE

Reading is the heart  of elementary school curriculum.  Finding good books is the first step to a community of readers and writers that engage in the activity with smiles on their faces.  And, as Frank Smith's research states "we improve our skills in the activities we engage in"  engage your students in reading, writing, speaking and listening in an authentic way with children's literature.  Trust that the authors can model good writing and listening skills.  Check back here to find more excellent book choices. 

This is an easy writing prompt for The Story Blanket.  4-square and it's FREE just click above and get yours.  

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Open House - Meet the Teacher Slideshow Presentation - [Editable]

Make Your Meet the Teacher Night Professional and
Easy to Do 
Get this Editable Slideshow HERE

Slideshow Presentation for your Open House or Meet the Teacher Night.  There are 39 slides and they are EDITABLE  for you to type in your specific information.  Fun Fall Colors and clip art!

You can make the perfect slideshow for your parents.
Your presentation will be organized, well thought-out, and extremely helpful to your parents.  Makes the night stress free as you will have all the information at a simple click of the mouse.  There are a few blank files also with matching fall border so you can add other topics if you needed to...

Slides Include:
*Our Schedule
*Times to Know
*All About Breakfast
*All About Lunch
* Daily Snack
*Healthy Snacks
*Learning About Reading
* Writing Daily
*Math Wizards
*Super Scientists
*Social Studies
*Reading At Home
*Practicing Sight Words
*Expectations (class rules)
*Grading and Report Cards
*Playing at Recess
* Transportation
* Field Trips
* Birthdays
*Class Celebrations
* This Year's Projects
*School Supplies
* Important Reminders
* Additional Notes
*Blank Topic Slides (with clipart)
*Blank Topic Slides (without clipart)

These slides will make your presentation perfect!  Teacher directions are included.  You won't forget anything as you will have prepared your slides and information before hand.
Have a fabulous Meet the Teacher Night!

Find Your Slides HERE
Find Teaching Resources for BACK-TO-SCHOOL  ... 
save time...

and you also might like to make an OPEN HOUSE brochure for your parents to read and learn about your classroom
get yours HERE

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

3 Must-Have BACK-TO-SCHOOL- Teaching Resources - Get Yours Now and [Enjoy Summer!]

Back to School Teaching Resources

3 Back-to-School Teacher Resources to find NOW
... that you can use all year long!

#1 Editable Teacher Binder with Important Forms, Calendars and Letter Templates

teacher binder, weekly lesson plans, newsletters, calendars, elementary school

 Everything, Everything Teacher Binder includes:
monthly calendars
     26 cover designs to choose from

back-to-school schedule and lesson planner, editable binder for teachers, MrsQuimbyReads
 Everything, Everything Teacher Binder 
6 templates for weekly lesson plans to build your binder
important forms to use the whole school year

editable teacher binder, weekly lesson plans, back-to-school teacher binder, MrsQuimbyReads, Monthly Newsletter
Get Your Teacher Binder  HERE because It Saves Time and
Keeps You Organized All Year Long
FREE Updates for Life!

teacher binder, editable, teaching resources, MrsQuimbyReads

Forms for Important Information 

important forms to use the whole school year
everything will be right where you can find it
easy templates for you to use
back-to-school letter templates

Your ‘Everything, Everything’ Teacher Binder Includes Everything!!
When you purchase this teacher binder, you will get FREE updates for LIFE!!!
This teacher binder is currently dated through August 2018.  As I add new forms and update the calendars, you will be notified so you can access the update and new pages for FREE!  Your editable teacher binder can be used this year but also year-after-year without ever purchasing a new one! 

Your teacher binder will be fun to build as you have many covers, colors and designs to choose from... you can even change them whenever you 'd like! 
Brighten Your Day!  Save Time!  Get Organized! Stunning clip art!
200 essential pages to keep your school year running smoothly!

Your  Editable Teacher Binder includes:
ØCovers and Dividers for your teacher binder – 26 Designs
ØColorful spine covers for your teacher binder
ØWeekly Lesson Planner - [4 styles]
ØWeekly Lesson Planner for 6-day rotation
ØMonthly Calendars - 2 styles
ØOne page daily schedule – at- a-glance
ØNumber Circles for Class # Assignments
ØMonthly Newsletter Templates with clip art

Forms for Important Information include: [keep these forms in one place and ready to use]
one page daily routine at- a- glance
class roster
student medical information
Individual Student form
IEP student form
Small Group Lesson form
Guided Reading Student Snapshot form
Guided Reading Lesson Plan
Guided Math Lesson Form
Writing Lesson Form
Writing Conference form
Guided Reading Notes (individual student)
Parent Communication Log
Meeting Notes
To Do List
7 recording sheets for grades
Transportation Home List
Emergency Plans - Fire Drill and Lockdown
Seating Charts
Labels for Tables
Codes and Phone Extensions
Website Log-In Form
Behavior Forms - Think Sheet, Action Plan

ØEditable Letters for parent communication: [these letters save time! And they are editable to place YOUR information within the context of the letter]
-Back-to-School Parent Information Letter
-Parent-Teacher Conference Form
-Field Trip Permission Slip

Do You Love Collections?
Your “Everything, Everything” Editable Teacher Binder is organized [of course] in 7 different collections.  This is by design so you can find the pages you need instantly.  This is all about being organized and me , helping you, do just that!  Make your beautiful “Everything, Everything” Editable Teacher Binder your own style.   Everything is here for a simple click, download and print.     You may wish to print out your daily schedule or lesson planner on 2 sides… it is the best format to make your notebook.  However, these are yours to use in the way that makes you happy! 

Teacher Binder Collection 1 - Cover for Teacher Binder, Dividers for Schedule and Forms
         Spine covers for your notebook

Teacher Binder Collection 2 - Weekly Lesson Planners, editable and there is also one weekly lesson plan grid that was made for a 6-day rotation if your school were following that type of schedule.  These weekly planners spread across your teacher binder.  They are fully editable on your computer, but you can also print them out and hand write in the grid as you wish.

Teacher Binder Collection 3 - Curriculum Assessment Forms and Grading Recording sheets.
  I personally keep a 2nd teaching binder for my grading forms.  Simply type in your class list on the form; then print out.  Keep these in your notebook and add grades as you go.  Forms include those for student evaluation, guided reading, small group instruction, writing conferences, math groups, IEP information.

Teacher Binder Collection 4 -  Classroom Management Forms for behavior, seating charts, labels for tables, number circles, field trips, medical information, codes for copy machine, birthdays, transportation home, emergency procedures meeting notes, and more.  Many of these forms are helpful when you have a substitute as it shows important information in one ready-accessible place.  

Teacher Binder Collection 5 - Letters to Parents - Back to School letters, field trip permission, parent communication log, schedule summary, letterheads, templates for letter for back-to-school.  All of these teaching resource pages are so helpful when starting a new year at school.

Teacher Binder Collection 6 - Calendars – There are 2 Calendar designs - Choices of a calendar with lines at the bottom for notes, or grid style calendar.  I insert the month before my weekly lesson plans in that way I have a glance at the entire month and more details in the weekly schedule pages. Here you have the choice of a 1 page calendar or 2 pages that spread across your binder.

Teacher Binder Collection 7 - Monthly Newsletter Templates - Each month you will have a one page newsletter template that you can easily edit and type in your news! Fun clip art can be used, deleted or copied!  Keep your parents informed of the valuable and wonderful things that happen in your classroom! and be sure to put a copy in your Principal’s box!

I continue to make more updates and revisions for this teacher binder as I need them and you will receive all the updates --FOR LIFE-- as I create them.  You will also find that you have more time when you are organized with an editable teacher binder.
And I am happy to take requests if you really need a specific form for your binder,
I will zip-zap, zap it right over to you.  You can email me at or write your request in the feedback. 

back to school, teaching resources
#2 Back-to-School Pages, Activities and Writing Prompts for the First Week  Grades K-2 [21 pages]
first week of school, primary grades, beginning writers, MrsQuimbyReads
You Can Grab These Pages HERE
 Back-to-School pages, activities and writing prompts for Grades K-3. These pages will give your students “get-to-know-you” pages for the first week of school.  It will give you the bit of time to acquaint yourself with your new class. 
back-to-school pages, teacher resources, getting to know you, first week of school
These pages are suitable for Grades K-3.  They are perfect for the first week of school.  You will be happy to have these!  I place 2 pages on their desks on the first day.  They like to settle in and get started.  I like to see them happy back at school.  These pages give me the time to circle the classroom and say hello to each student, also collect any forms needed, lunch $, and see if we are all in the right classroom.  Right next to these pages are brand new crayons, pencil and ruler! Great way to have a terrific first week of school and meet and greet each other. Some of the pages require the students to walk about a bit so choose the pages you like for the very first day.  I like having them seated as we can establish a very quiet and organized work environment... which is exactly how I want my students to feel about the upcoming school year! See the preview of this back-to-school teaching resource here.  
       #3 Brag Tags - Everyone is Bragging About Them!                                        Get YOURS Here!
brag tags, MrsQuimbyReads, classroom management, teaching resources, student behavior

Everyone’s Bragging about Brag Tags! So I made some!!! You can get yours here.
This is a great way to improve behavior in your classroom. Students strive for excellence in academics and citizenship. It’s a collection of ‘good deeds’ and academic achievements rewarded with a small tag to place on their backpacks or keep in a collector’s notebook! So fun! brag tags, MrsQuimbyReads, teaching resources, student behavior, classroom mangement
Characteristics and Attributes in this set:

Super Reader

Quiet Writer

Act of Kindness

Helping Friends

Responsible Classmate

Respectful Classmate

Math Wizard

Excellent Speller

I am read to learn

Good Listener

Listened with Your Heart

Asking Thoughtful Questions

Science Inquiry

brag tags, student behavior, teaching resources, classroom management
Problem Solver
   Independent Worker
I love to Read!
I follow Directions
100% Super Day All Around
Hallway Excellence
Good Thinking
Playground Safety
Stellar Behavior for the Substitute
I did my homework!

brag tags, teaching resources, classroom management, student behavior, back-to-school
brag tags, classroom behavior, teaching resources, citizenship, elementary school
1500 Brag Tags      100 pages 15 on each page download and print when you need them Kids Love These!
brag tags, teaching resources, student behavior, back-to-school resources, citizenship
     Stunning Clip Art! 
     Students Collect Them
     For Good Citizenship
     For Quality Student Work
     Clip on to backpack with a link chain
     Keep in a Collector's Notebook
     Make a Classroom Display