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Black History Month | In the Elementary Classroom | Reading Passages and Writing Prompts

black history, elementary students, teaching resources for black history        Black History Month
February is Black History Month and you will find teaching resources for the elementary classroom on sale HERE.   Learn about Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, Martin Luther King, Jr. and George Washington Carver.  

Each teaching resource focuses on one important person in Black History that truly teaches courage, determination, tenacity and strife to make our world a better place.  Begin with reading text about the famous black person and then use the graphic organizers and writing prompts to further the understanding.

Each resource is complete and can teach life lessons about a person's attributes that make a difference to the many.  You can find these resources on sale for three days at 20% off from February 3-6th.  

Famous quotes from each person can be

19 Must Read Alouds for 2019 | Children's LIterature | Reading Good Books

Happy Reading in this New Year!  Here are 19 favorite picture books and some chapter books to read aloud to your students.  My list includes books that teach life lessons, stir emotions and are enjoyed over and over again by millions of readers.  [This list is in no particular order].  When someone asks me what is your favorite book?  I often answer, "the one I am reading right now?"

Before you browse this list... Did you know?  
  • Children who read often get better at reading
  • Picture books inspire inquisitive minds to think about characters, their problems, their solutions, and the many plots they find themselves in
  • Children who are read to often develop a keen skill of listening and concentration
  • Children learn about the world around them through illustrations and stories written by talented and knowledgeable authors 
  • As the many words wash over them during a read aloud, children learn new words and expand their vocabulary 
  • Children develop imagination and become creative
  • Children develop empathy for characters and people 
  • Children learn life lessons from book characters
  • Children enjoy literature and talk about books and characters
  • Children seek out reading on their own
  • Readers do better in school and life
  2019 New Year's Promise:  Read more picture books to your class and find yourself in a book talk that engages thinking, camaraderie and a truly literary community. 

Her3. Reading improves concentration.
Jan Brett, read aloud books, picture books
Jan Brett spent many, many hours as a child reading and drawing. She decided that she wanted to illustrate books when she was a child.  Many of her books are written from her childhood memories.  She visits other countries to learn about people, cultures and countryside and uses these travel experiences to write her books.  She loves animals and most of her books have information about animals and nature.  

Jan knows that her drawings help tell the story.  She is famous for intricate, beautiful borders around her pages. 

Teacher Toolbox Labels | Classroom Organization | Teaching Resources

Teacher Toolbox Labels 
Teacher Toolbox Labels 
Keeping order and being organized can help with daily routines and tasks at school and home. Make your classroom beautiful, inviting and thoughtfully arranged.  Natural lighting and uncluttered spaces set the stage for activity that is focused and calm.  Learning supplies and materials are respected and cared for - this is a key element to creating an optimum learning environment. Learning materials are placed in containers, carts and shelves and fosters independence in students.  Everything is where it is supposed to be; everyone knows it's place and everyone shares the classroom materials and supplies.  When the work space is designed in this manner, it conveys a sense of harmony and order. It comforts and inspires.  And these labels, can help do just that!  Through your organization and labeling, you will model high standards, good work ethic and responsibility for school materials. 

180 + different labels for your teacher toolbox and classroom.   Labels come in 5 different sizes for different drawers, bins, carts and containers. Also included is a file with links to the teacher toolbox, carts and drawers I have used with these labels.
Labels included are:
You want these!
  • art markers . art paper . art pens
  • band aids . binder clips . binder rings . buttons
  • calendars . card stock . catalogs/order forms . clip boards . command strips . copic markers
  • digital . digital connections . dry erase markers
  • erasers . eraser tops
  • field trip permission . flair pens . file folders . Friday . Friday Folders

  • gel pens . gesso . glue dots . glue gun . glue sticks
  • headphones . highlighters . hole puncher
  • ideas & inspiration . index pads . ink pads
  • laminating pockets
  • magnets . mailing envelopes . markers . math . math paper . matte medium . miscellaneous . mod podge . Monday
  • notebooks
  • other stuff/miscellaneous
  • paints . paper clips . pencils . photo inspiration . place value . post its . push pins
  • reading . rulers . rubber stamps . Saturday . Science . scissors . scrapbook papers . sharpies . Social Studies
  • staples . stapler remover . stencils . sticky notes . Sunday
  • tape . tape refills . Thursday . tiles . to be corrected . to be filed . Tuesday . twist ties
  • washi tape . Wednesday . works in progress . writing paper
  • for the substitute . lunch forms . days of week . months of year

Why Do You Need These Labels ?
  • to give your classroom and work space an organized and professional look
  • because less clutter reduces stress
  • an organized space helps you remember important items
  • increases creativity
  • saves YOU time!
  • and it's a great New Year's resolution!

Over 180 labels total! Editable labels included, too!
Colorful, bright art designs... easy to read, nice to look at! Download, print, cut and laminate. These labels will help children and teacher find supplies and put them back in the right place.

Grab Yours HERE right now! 

classroom-organization-toolbox-labels"A place for everything and everything in it's place."

These labels are colorful, beautiful and practical. 
Art designs by me.  

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Informational Text Features - Build An Interactive Bulletin Board

Informational Text Features Anchor Charts for Display
Informational Text Features Anchor Charts
These anchor charts for informational texts help the reader make sense of the information they are reading. They are building blocks for text structure.  When reading fiction, readers notice the different story elements (i.e. title, characters, setting, main idea etc.). When reading non-fiction, they use informational text features.  Post these bright, colorful and informative anchor charts to learn reading strategies when reading non-fiction. Your students will learn these important text features and will gain knowledge on what they are and how they are used to help reading comprehension.   These anchor charts will make an eye-catching 
interactive bulletin board that you can keep up for months.  Each text feature is explained in detail and includes an illustration.  Start putting them up in your classroom or writing corner as you discuss and learn each feature.  There are 17 informational text features that collectively make your bulletin board that can be interactive and used as a reference when your students read informational texts. 

The 17 Anchor Charts on informational text features are:
Titles | Headings | Subheadings | Table of Contents | Photographs | Illustrations | Diagrams | Captions | Types of Print | Timelines | Graphs | Maps | Index | Glossary | Labels | Lists | Icons |

Here are some close ups of some of the anchor charts:

Each anchor chart shows an informational text feature with description of the feature and an illustration. Bright borders of blue and orange. Each anchor chart measures approximately 8" x 10.5".  No-Prep for teacher. 
Students can reference these each time they read informational text.    Find these informational text feature anchor charts HERE  and catch some compliments on your teaching bulletin board. 

Text features improve comprehension of the information read. Authors use maps, diagrams and photographs to help the reader understand more easily what they are reading.  The reader can visualize and understand more fully by studying the informational text features provided within the text.  Text features also help the reader navigate the reading material with the use of a table of contents, an index and a glossary.  Viewing a photograph that has been labeled gives the reader the support he needs to understand the text. 

Text features such as a table of contents or index provides the reader with easy access to the information he is seeking.  Special print can draw attention and enhance specific parts of the text and to key words and phrases
Beginning readers can use photographs, headings, subheadings and diagrams to help them read new words and text.  They are able to make predictions by using prior knowledge and text features.  

To illustrate the importance of these text features to the reading, type up only the text eliminating all the text features.  Have your students read the text.  Talk about the reading.  Next, read the complete text WITH the text features.  Discuss the reasons why the text features were important to understanding and clarity.  

Find these Informational Text Feature Anchor Charts HERE.  There are 17 anchor charts which make an interactive teaching bulletin board.
Refer to them often when teaching informational text. 

Informational Text Anchor Charts

Teaching Resources

You can find: Holiday Math Centers... Children's Literature Book Companions... Writing Prompts... Journal Writing... Everyday Math... Social Studies... Teacher Organization... Classroom Management... 
Literacy Instruction... Sight Word Practice... teaching resources that  SAVE teacher time. Your students will be motivated to read, think, write, talk, listen, add, multiply, create, solve and learn.  
                 Find FREEBIES too!  

Happy Holidays to you and your students!
Get Your Teaching Resources  

Holiday Book Companions:
The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett
The Legend of the Poinsettia retold Tomie de Paola

Holiday Math Stations:
Cover Up Elf - Addition Practice
Cover Up Reindeer - Multiplication Practice
Christmas Math Station for PreK-K
Calendar Math for December

Reindeer Game Cover-Up Math Station

Practice your multiplication facts this holiday season!
Reindeer Game Cover-Up
Math Station

Teach Literacy and Life Lessons with Children's Literature:
The Snowy Day - Book Companion
The Day the Crayons Quit - Book Companion
Only One You – Reader Response Pages
Chrysanthemum - Reader Response Pages
Tops and Bottoms - Reader Response Pages
Charlotte's Web Literature Reader Response Pages
The Trumpet of the Swan- Reader Response Pages 
Little Red Hen Literacy-Math Unit 
Charlotte's Web Literacy Pack for Primary Readers
James and the Giant Peach- Book Companion 
Island of the Blue Dolphins - Book Companion 
Aesops Fables Mini-Literacy Unit
The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein Writing Response Pages
My Garden by Kevin Henkes- Reader Response Pages
Frog and Toad Reader Response Pages and Writing Prompts
Those Shoes-Book Companion
Snowflake Bentley - Reader Response Pages
Click, Clack Moo! Cows that Type- Book Companion
The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Interactive Booklet and Response Pages
A Bad Case of Stripes Reader Response Pages
After the Fall - Book Companion
Creepy Carrots - Book Companion
Each Kindness - Reader Response Page
Enemy Pie - Reader Response Pages
Frances Books by Lillian and Russell Hoban

Frog and Toad Reader Response Pages -4 Books

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Sight Word Practice | Cloze Activity | Word Cards

Reading for Meaning. Learning Sight Words ...
Teach sight words and provide practice with these cloze passages.  Students read the text and choose the correct sight word from the word box.  These pages encourage the reader to find the correct word by trial and error... you should hear lots of reading going on as they check and reread the passage to hear the meaning and if the word makes sense... my students love these and get better at cloze as they have more practice. The key is to read aloud or to a partner and listen to the passage after choosing the sight word.  5 literacy skills that make better readers are reading, thinking, writing, listening and speaking; and all 5 skills are practiced when solving these cloze activity passages. 

Cloze Activity - Sight Word Practice

Flash cards are in two forms for individual students to read, cut and work with on a daily routine. The others are for you to display in the classroom. These sight words are from Fry’s list...the first 100.  This cloze activity is good reinforcement and review for children to practice reading fluency and working with sight words they have already mastered. Working with a partner or small groups will provide an opportunity to listen and speak about these passages. Many of these text passages also are on important life skill topics ; i.e. recess is important, making friends, a trip to the library, practice makes perfect, being a good student.   Students read to find the correct sight word that makes sense. Reading and rereading are important and improve reading achievement.  Cloze activity has that 'solve a puzzle' attribute which creates high interest and motivation. Once your students start solving these cloze activities, they look for more!

Practice Reading Fluency with these Sight WordPractice Pages
Students must read and reread for meaning.  Mini sight word cards for student use; larger word cards for your pocket chart.  These pages make an excellent morning reading activity, small group activity or send home in a folder to keep those children reading.  When working on these cloze passages, children learn to listen to their own reading; they learn that reading sounds right and makes sense. 

reading for meaning, sight word practice
Sight Words Cloze Activity

Answer keys are included for quick correcting.  List of 100 sight words (Fry's List) and teacher directions are also included.  And a final note:  more text passages and more sight words will be added soon.  Get yours at this low price and you will be able to get the updated version for FREE. And if you follow, you will receive notifications of new teaching resource listings, updates and sales.  All new teacher resources are listed at 50% off all new teacher resource listings for the first 24 hours.
Other sight word activities and pages can be found HERE.  
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Veterans' Day Writing Prompts | November 11 | Teaching Resources | Primary Grades

november teaching resources, veterans' day, writing prompts, primary grades
Veterans' Day Writing Prompts
Inspire your students with a lesson about what it means to be a veteran and the meaning of American patriotism.  Veterans' Day is a perfect time to discuss with your students that one of the ways Americans show their love for their country is by serving in the Armed Forces. 

Read about the reasons why we celebrate this day on November 11.  In the United States, Veterans' Day is November 11.  This day is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which ended World War I.  We thank all the soldiers who fought in the wars on Veterans Day.  Many, many soldiers lost their lives fighting for our freedom.  These writing prompts and pages were created for beginning readers and writers to 
sit up and take notice to the many veterans and soldiers in the United States.  Recognizing other people's dedication and work to make our lives better in the USA is an important social studies lesson.  Students will think and write about bravery, courage and freedom. They can talk about real heroes and ways that we can honor their unselfish acts of goodness to mankind.  There is also a page to write a thank you letter to a veteran.

Find your Veterans'Day Writing Prompts HERE
teaching resources for veterans' day

Halloween Craftivity for Creepy Carrots - Halloween Books that Entertain

Creepy Carrots 
by Aaron Reynolds

Jasper loves carrots, especially those that grew in Crackenhopper Field.  Those carrots were fat, crips AND free for the taking.  Jasper yanked carrots out on the way to school, he pulled them up on the way to Little League practice and also had a few on his way home at night.  Jasper loved carrots and he just couldn't get enough!  Until.... they started following him!  He first noticed the carrots being a bit strange after his victory of his Little League game.  Then, later, while he was brushing his teeth, he saw some creepy carrots.  He saw them in the shed and even on his wall.  By the end of the week, Jasper saw creepy carrots EVERYWHERE!  Jasper was spooked, a bit afraid and just wanted the carrots to leave him alone.  So he came up with a plan!  Read this book to find out how Jasper solves his creepy carrot problem. 

Find some reader response pages to write about this book and also be sure to make an Interactive Reading Flipbook AND... a creepy carrot or two!
Click HERE to grab them!

creepy carrots craftivity
Reader Response Pages for Creepy Carrots