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Friday, November 17, 2017

2 Picture Books for November that Teach Math and Literacy Skills [Beginning Readers]

Nuts to You, by Lois Ehlert is a perfect read aloud for this time of year.  Squirrels, nuts, birds, windows and screen doors.  This squirrel is roaming about in summer but it is a perfect addition to animals and nature for the fall.  Read along to find out the many math and literacy skills you might teach using these 2 November favorites. 
Nuts to You!  is an engaging story about a frisky squirrel who explores the bird feeder, then up to the window box and right into an apartment through a tear in the screen. Ehlert's collage style illustrations are a springboard for children to make their own. Read in a slow pace so children can view these marvelous illustrations.  There is much to see on each page.  Squirrel climbing, exploring and even upside-down at times.  Reading pictures and illustrations are a must to comprehension of the whole story the author writes.  The author chooses pictures to enhance, embellish and deepen the story meaning.  Your young writers do the same!

REmembering and retelling

Students engage quickly in this squirrel's adventures.  They often ask to hear the story again and want to see the illustrations closer. Some plants and birds are illustrated over the pages and a sense of country fresh air on a bright sunny day delights the reader.  
There is a glossary of 'Squirrel Talk' spills over the back pages. Interesting facts and information teaches about squirrels and their habits.  You could say 2 books in one. Story and facts!  I love when authors include some interesting facts and find my students do as well.
 We read this book on Monday and work on reading strategies, phonics and math activities related to this book throughout the week. 


Talking about this book leads to remembering and recalling many text details.  Students learn to have book conversations and build on each other's comments.  Afterward, they can complete some writing pages with a partner. 
find this page here
Writing about the details in the story provides opportunity to think about how details add up to the main idea. 
This book leads to numbers and counting as what else might you do with so many acorns.
Place a basket of acorns on your math center table and begin!  Estimate, count, line them up in a row, play under the bowl game [addends to 10]. Children use manipulatives to understand number sense, counting, more and less. 

nuts to you - number writing
nuts to you - addends to 10

Get these Reader Response Pages HERE

Another wonderful story for November is In November, by Cynthia Rylant. 

In November, the air grows cold and the earth and all of its creatures prepare for winter. Animals seek food and shelter, and people gather together to celebrate their blessings with family and friends...  This book also teaches good reading strategies for early readers.  Before reading this book aloud, ask your students about their prior knowledge about November.  What does November look like? feel like? sound like? favorite activities for November? favorite smells? A  picture or mental image about November will make a 
self-to-text connection.  Ask questions throughout the read aloud. Pause and pose ideas and thinking... Tune into new vocabulary and interesting words... finish this book experience with writing prompts about the book.  Work with a partner, in a small reading group or independently.  And share each other's responses to this book. 

Writing Prompts to Use with this Wonderful Book

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Veterans' Day Writing Prompts [November 11]

Make some time to teach about Veterans' Day.  Read about the reasons why we celebrate this day on November 11.  In the United States, Veterans' Day is November 11.  This day is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which ended World War I.  We thank all the soldiers who fought in the wars on Veterans Day.  Many, many soldiers lost their lives fighting for our freedom.  These writing prompts and pages were created for beginning readers and writers to sit up and take notice to the many veterans and soldiers in the United States.  Recognizing other people's dedication and work to make our lives better in the USA is an important social studies lesson.  Students will think and write about bravery, courage and freedom. They can talk about real heroes and ways that we can honor their unselfish acts of goodness to mankind.  There is also a page to write a thank you letter to a veteran.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

149 Teaching Resources that Engage Students and save Teachers Time

It's a great day to find teaching resources that engage students and save you time.  

 You can take a closer look at or at my TPT Store.  See all the teaching resources I have created for learning in the primary grades.   There are over 140 resources.   

 Study the Pilgrims and Wampanoags.  Group project, each group focuses on what part of history and then reports to class.  Reading passages included... questions for discovery.

Nuts to You by Lois Ehlert - Reader Response pages include counting
learning ABC's, math centers, literacy center, addition-subtraction pages,
writing numbers to 20, addends to 10, patterns, craft ideas

Groundhog Day 
All About Snow Literacy and Math Printables

Frog and Toad Reader Response Pages - 3 stories

Alphabet Sound-Letter Match

 More examples below but be sure to go to my store to see all 149 teaching resources...

Here is a partial list of the teaching resources that I have created for students to engage in reading, writing, math and numbers, Social Studies, Science, Classroom Management...

You will be able to find writing prompts and reader response pages  for Children's Literature:
You will be able to find Math activities for:
  • arrays and early multiplication
  • Multiplication - USA [learn your facts] game
  • number grids
  • I have, Who Has? multiplication
  • Scoot games for multiplication 
  • Listening Activity for Place Value
  • Scoot game for division
  • perimeter is around anchor chart
  • Numbers to display [primary grades]
  • Valentine's Day Math pack
  • Hello Spring, Literacy & Math Pack

Holidays and Seasonal - So Much Fun!
  • Veterans' Day Writing Pages
  • Christmas Color by sight words
  • All about Snow - Literacy and Math Pack
  • Groundhog Day writing pages
  • Halloween Writing Prompts
  • All About Pumpkins [writing prompts, science inquiry]
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day writing pages
  • All About the Presidents - [research project]
  • Pilgrim- Wampanoag Collaborative Group Project
  • Thanksgiving Writing Prompts
  • Thanksgiving Clip Art for Teachers
  • Thanksgiving Story - Make a Bracelet-Retell a Story [free]
  • Sandcastles - writing pages
  • Christopher Columbus - writing for primary grades
  • Valentine's Day Math
  • Life Cycle of a Pumpkin - Make a foldable booklet
  • All About Lincoln

Science and Social Studies 'Must Haves':
  • Scientist Have Important Work [anchor chart for primary grades]
  • Earth Day Writing Prompts
  • Meet the Presidents Biography Bottle Project
  • Write About Whales [primary grades]
  • All About Whales [Grades 1-2]
  • Landforms - Presentation Powerpoint
  • All About Birds - Literacy-Math Pack
You might like:
  • Reader Response Journal - Task Cards
  • Bookmarks - with Classroom Rules
  • Reading Log [free]
  • Summer Reading Log [free]
  • Any Book - Reader Response Pages
  • Compound Words [second grade]
  • Word Sorts [Grades 2-3]
  • Writing Checklist [beginning writers]
  • Writing Checklist and more for writing folders
  • Writing Response Pages for Informational Texts
  • Informational Text Book Circles - [Pages for Jobs at the Circle]
  • Close Reading Anchor Charts
  • I am Me! Getting to Know You Booklet
  • Cloze activity to learn and use sight words
  • Reading for Meaning - Poetry Pages

  • Walking in the Hall [anchor chart]
  • Classroom Rules anchor chart
  • Quotes and Lessons from Authors [authors can teach citizenship]
  • Unique classroom display for Alphabet [manuscript and cursive]
  • Labels and Numbers
  • Editable Teacher Binder- Weekly Lesson Planner [free updates for Life]
  • Meet the Teacher Brochure
  • Meet the Teacher Presentation [editable]
  • Editable Substitute Binder
  • Labels, labels and more labels - [organize your classroom]
  • owls clip art for teachers
  • Stellaluna clip art for teachers
  • alphabet clip art for teachers
  • Helper Chart
  • Desk Name Tags
  • Back-to-School writing prompts and pages
  • Teach Respect and Citizenship writing prompts
  • Learn the Alphabet Letters and Sounds
  • Color the Alphabet for preschoolers
  • First Grade Anchor Chart  - display the many great attributes 
  • Handwriting Practice [free]
  • Reading Log to Use at Home [with parent initials]
  • Aquarium Observation Pages
  • Manners Matter [anchor chart]
  • Thank You Cards

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

How Stellaluna Inspires Children to Be Kind

by Janell Cannon

Reader Response Pages to Use with this Book

Poor Stellaluna! 

Stellaluna is a bat and she is separated from her mom during an owl attack.  Luckily, she does end up in a bird's nest where the family of birds take her in as their own.  She now has a mother bird who cares for her and the baby birds become her friends.  As she grows, she begins to do bird-like things.  Later, she meets up with other bats and becomes reunited with her mother.  The bats teach her bat-like things and she finds out that life is better sleeping upside-down!  And she tries to teach her bird friends to do bat things. But they aren't very good at being a bat and it is troublesome.  They wonder how they can be so alike yet so different
From the very beginning, children are engaged in this wonderful story.  Suspenseful pages of the owl attack! and how will she make it without her mother.  The outstanding illustrations enhance the story and help readers visualize Stellaluna's journey.  This would be a great book to create a storyboard and a retelling activity.  

Reader Response Pages that invite your students to write about their reading are yours here.  

I created this Stellaluna clip art to help young readers create a retelling of the story.  You can place them in a literacy center.  Use them to make a storyboard.  Engage in book conversations at your literature circle.  You can find Stellaluna clip art HERE.  Check back soon to see another wonderful book showcased at 

Reading Stellaluna aloud will be so enjoyable.  Share the illustrations and be sure to have a book talk.  Some questions you might use as a springboard are: 

1. In what ways did Stellaluna's mother act responsibly to care for her baby?
2. How is Stellaluna forced to be open-minded?
3. In what ways could Mama Bird be more open-minded?
4. What does perseverance mean? Tell how Stellaluna showed perseverance.
5. Why did Stellaluna have to promise to abide by the rules?
6. Give an example of loyalty in this story.
7. How do you think it felt when Stellaluna realized that she was hanging upside down? Does it ever seem like her whole world has turned upside down?
8. Do you think it's important to respect the ways of others even if they're different from yours? Why?
9. Despite many differences, Stellaluna came to really care about her bird family. What can we learn from her about acceptance and respect?
10. What do you think it means to "agree to disagree?"
11. Do you have friends that are different from you in some way? Have your differences ever caused problems? How did you resolve such problems?
12. Are there some people that you don't know well but that you assume you could never be friends with? Why?
13. Have there been times when you've done something just because everyone else was doing it? Does going with the crowd and blending in make life easier?
14. Have there been times when you felt you had to go against the crowd and do things your own way? What happened?

Friday, October 20, 2017

How to Make a Story Elements Booklet for Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web

by E.B. White

Make a Story Elements Booklet

This story booklet enhances the reading experience for children.  It is a flap booklet which gives space for writing about the story elements for Charlotte's Web.  Readers write about the characters, setting, problem, solution and ending.  This booklet is very easy to assemble... no cutting, no glue.  Simply download, print on 
2 sides, fold and staple.  I usually add a bit of duck tape to make a nice binding so no snags on the staples.  

Get your story elements booklet here for Charlotte's Web.  

And if you need more reader response pages for Charlotte's Web; they are here.  Two choices: 

Both literacy packs include the story elements booklet.  This wonderful book teaches friendship, values, kindness and loyalty all set in a beautiful farm setting.  

"From three to four, [Wilbur] planned to stand perfectly still and think of what it was like to be alive." Taking time to immerse yourself into deep thought and contemplate your existence isn't such a bad way to spend your time, really."

So many lessons to learn from Children's Literature...

See you next the meantime...keep reading... to yourself and to children...

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Literacy Lessons with Children's Literature

How can a picture book be cancelled?

Michael Hall is one of my favorite authors.  He teaches us to be creative.  He teaches us to think.  Frankencrayon is entertaining and fantastic!  He sets the stage with the characters who are a group of crayons.  They are ready to read a picture book about "Frankencrayon"; however, oh my! what has happened!! the unthinkable! Someone has scribbled on the opening page.  The crayons, of course, try their best to erase this horrible scribble, but cannot and the story is cancelled!  Or is it?  Read this hilarious story to find out who saves the day and be sure to read it to some young people who can relate to seeing a scribble in a story book.  You may also like the book, Red, a Crayon's Story, by Michael Hall.  This talented author and illustrator engages readers from the first page.  You can find reader response pages HERE for Red, a Crayon's Story.  

If you wish to extend your reading experience for Frankencrayon,  I have included some links below.   
Download this pdf from Greenwillow books.   HERE
Oh, no!  Who made that scribble?

This book is an excellent choice to teach:
  • prediction skills 
  • point of view

Being creative is welcomed here!  Construction paper and crayons, cut some shapes for your kindergartens to make their own Frankencrayons!!  Materials needed: paper, glue sticks, crayons, pencils, paints, shapes and thinking!

for Kindergarteners

With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.
With prompting and support, retell familiar stories, including key details.
With prompting and support, identify characters, settings, and major events in a story.

for First Graders
Ask and answer questions about key details in a text.
Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.
Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details.
Themes and Key Discussion Points:
  • acceptance
  • relationships
  • humor
Before Reading Questions:
  • Have you heard of Frankenstein? What do you know of this story? If not, discuss the different crayons and the way in which they create a new ‘taped-together’ character. 
  • Have you read Red: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall? If so, what expectations do you have about this book? What do you recall about the author’s style?
  • Meet the cast and crew on the first page. Make predictions about the book. What clues do readers get from this page? 
  • Turn to the title page. Were your predictions correct?

Find some reader response pages to enhance your reading experience... 
Find your reader response pages HERE

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to teach Children's Literature and advance literacy skills

Writing Prompt Sticks
Writing About Whales 🐳           Writing Checklist 

Another great story to read aloud. Read this book and enhance the reading experience with reader response pages and writing.  Enemy Pie  reader response pages to write about the meaning and understand the author's message.

Check back to see more writing pages to use with children's literature for primary grades .

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

One Super Fantastic Way to Get Kindergarteners to Engage in Reading

These story element booklets were created by me to help beginning readers understand story elements and also to begin writing about books. Young readers sometimes like to write about their reading and you will know when they are ready to write.  Drawing is writing.  If you choose Charlotte's Web to read aloud, you will love this book.  I never tire of reading it to yet another group of children.  So much to talk about.  So much to learn.  You can find this booklet in my Charlotte's Web Literacy Reader Response Pages for Beginning Readers. 

These writing prompts are for Beginning Readers

You can get Your Reader Response Pages and Story Elements Booklet HERE

 If you are looking for reader response pages for more experienced readers, grades 2-3, you will want to get the red cover Charlotte's Web reader response pages.  Check below

Get these reader response pages here for Grades 2-3

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Until next time,  See you at the library, 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Reading and Writing About Christopher Columbus

Happy Columbus Day!  Read, write and learn about Christopher Columbus. Writing Prompts, fun facts and reading texts to learn about Columbus and his famous voyage.  Word study and pages for early readers and writers.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Engage Your Readers with Delightful Books -The Very Busy Spider -

The Very Busy Spider

by Eric Carle

This wonderful book by Eric Carle is perfect for beginning readers. Read Aloud, then have your students make their own booklet to read, reread and read again.

Artful and fun! Get everything you need to enhance this reading experience HERE.

Children can

  • listen to the reading
  • remember the characters
  • write animal names
  • color pages
  • retell the story
  • reread the story
  • practice handwriting
  • practice sight words
  • cut and paste sequence
Who did the spider meet? And why was she so busy?

Check back often for more wonderful books and reader response pages.  Follow me too!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

How to Improve Classroom Behavior - Easy and Fun!

Everyone's bragging about Brag Tags!  So I made some!!!
You can get yours here.  This is a great way to improve behavior in your classroom.  Students strive for excellence in academics and citizenship.  It's a collection of 'good deeds' and academic achievements... rewarded with a small tag to place on their backpacks or keep in a collector's notebook.  So fun!

brag tags, MrsQuimbyReads, teaching resources, student behavior, classroom mangement
brag tags, student behavior, teaching resources, classroom management

Characteristics and Attributes in this set:

Super Reader

Quiet Writer

Act of Kindness

Helping Friends

Responsible Classmate

Respectful Classmate

Math Wizard

Excellent Speller
I am read to learn
Good Listener
Listened with Your Heart

Asking Thoughtful Questions
Science Inquiry

Problem Solver
   Independent Worker
I love to Read!
I follow Directions
100% Super Day All Around
Hallway Excellence
Good Thinking
Playground Safety
Stellar Behavior for the Substitute
I did my homework!


Choose those that you like, and print when you need them.  

Colorful clip art makes them fun to collect!