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Welcome!  If you are one of my first readers, then start following.  Just click on my 'follower' button as we are going on an adventure using real Literature, good stories and authentic writing experiences.  This requires thinking!  for you AND your students.

Frog and Toad 
The many stories of Frog and Toad are fun and so enjoyable and each story has a memorable
message for the reader,
Reading is magic! How else can you go so many places without leaving your classroom or home?  Teach the magic and wonder of reading.   Children love real books by real authors....take an adventure with your young readers into the pages of one of your favorite books.  Here are two of mine!  Follow my blog and find some innovative and creative ways to teach reading and writing which involves thinking.  It's the best way to hook kids into reading.  I will post genuine reading experiences for children which will create a love of books and reading.  Frank Smith wrote "children who are engaged in the activity of reading will improve their reading abilities and gain knowledge."    Allow children to make their own book choices guided by your teaching expertise.
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I am up and running and there is no stopping me now.  Check back for future posts.  You will find many resources and motivational posts for Grades Preschool to Grade 5.  I am a Reading Teacher, Grades 1-5, whole class and Reading Specialist, K-12.  I have been teaching for 18 years and my story is exciting and ongoing. I have taught grades K-5, College Freshmen and also autistic children.   I want to offer my readers useful and authentic practices that will help you get books into your students' hands,  Read my complete profile and happy reading!   

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Christina Katerina & The Box
This is a great story to start your students responses are fun as the children brainstorm the many things you can make from a single cardboard box!

So let's get started on our journey!

What to expect?  Coming soon?

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