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A Blue Whale is Very Big

I love this book! and I think you will too.  It is wonderful when teaching size and comparing.  So you thought the blue whale was big? wait until you compare him to the colossal size of Mt. Everest! You will be surprised. And there's more.  When you finish reading this book, you might feel very, very small. This book delights children of any age.  You could use this book to teach size, measuring and relativity.  It can be a springboard for making graphs in a fun way.
The pages are bright...primary colors.  It is a great read aloud.  And I love books that present questions right in the beginning.  The title can be your introduction because I know the children will start talking and thinking about what this book might be about. Happy Imagination and Reading!

Click HERE to grab an easy Grade 1 book response for this book.