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Frog and Toad

"The Story" from Frog and Toad are Friends is another heart-warming story by Arnold Lobel.  One day Frog is not feeling well and while he is resting he asks Toad to tell him a story.  And this is where the fun begins, Toad, being the good friend that he is, tries very hard to think of a story to tell Frog.  Toad tries and tries.... a good place to teach perseverance

Read this book to see delighted and interested children in the simple lessons of friendship and caring.  Check my TPT store to find written book response for The Story and also vocabulary for word study.  The written response for this story teaches the reading comprehension strategy of
beginning-middle-end.  After reading "the story",  ask children to complete the writing response and then ask them to retell their story orally, either in class or at home.  Get children talking about reading and books!

Remember to include word study, writing and independent reading in your reading lessons.  I always find real books very motivating to get the task done.  Happy reading!