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Mini Offices for Writing

Here is an example mini office you might want to make for your writing time.  I am teaching reading and writing Grades 1-5 and every grade loves them... a bit of time to be quiet, peaceful and a time to gather our writing thoughts.  Depending on the level of writer;  using a binder clip attach  different writing resource pages to the inside. (and of course, they also could be used for Math or any other subject).

I used 12"x12" scrapbooking paper...a perfect size. 
1. Cut cardboard to size. 
2. rubber cement paper to cardboard (or any art glue that glues smoothly)
3.  Use clear mailing tape to attach each side; making trifold. Only edges are   taped.  Open to a trifold; close to one side for easy storing.   You can purchase fun school scrapbooking paper at Michaels or A.C. Moore. 
I used binder clips to attach appropriate mini office printables.  I teach different levels and this allows me to change the printables very easily for the different grade levels.  The one shown was used in the first grade classroom.
The middle section reads: I Can Be A Quiet Writer
The left section is a list of writing words (dolch or sight words) listed in ABC order.  The right side has a list of occupations.  We used this particular mini office when we wrote about the book Someday. (see my blog post for this book)  We wrote a see-saw pattern (modeled in the book) Someday I would like to...but today I am....

Each child has a 'mini office' at their desk or table and although I am a big advocate of a community of learners, readers and writers; there are times when we just need a bit of quiet space.

Allow enough time for directions and settling in and try to have your students sustain with times of quiet.  Making smart choices and independent decisions is also encouraged.  After using them a few times, the children get used to answering their own questions, writing independently and being quiet. You will see, they will ask you
"when can we use the mini offices again?"

these mini offices will take some time to make if you are making them for your whole class but I think you and espcially your kids will LOVE them!