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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We read an Informational Text today in First Grade.  We read Whales by Gail Gibbons.  What a great book...she is the best for informational text for the little ones.  When introducing the book, I asked the children if they knew what a topic was...we talked about different topics and how many, many there are. Then, I asked my students to listen for new interesting information.  They loved the book.
Check my TPT store for the writing response we did after reading this book.  The writing response includes a space to write the topic, three things that I learned, and a space for an illustration.  The lines on this response encourages excellent handwriting.
I have some more inviting lessons planned for whales so check back

Grab this writing response HERE


  1. I love Gail Gibbons too! I just found your blog and now I'm off to check out your past posts. I'm you newest follower. :-)

    First Grade Delight

    1. Hi there,
      Welcome! Let me know if you would like any of my TPT downloads as I am sending my first 10 followers what they want...and need...for free! Thanks for following. I am SO busy and trying to get this blog going is fun but added work. I teach Grades 1-5 and teach reading and writing. I believe real books and authentic writing experiences are a great motivator.
      Thanks again and have a great day...I'm off to check out your blog...what a fun way to share.

  2. What a lovely blog! I am a K-2 writing teacher so I am definitely glad I found you! I have a new blog, too. Please come and join me! Thanks and I hope you have fun blogging!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  3. Just found your blog and followed! Looking forward to reading! Come visit me soon!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade


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