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Writing Anchor Chart

A Writing Anchor Chart

This is a writing anchor chart that I use for Grades 1-5. 
I find anchor charts are motivating and very helpful.  Anchor charts can keep you on track when explaining a new skill or strategy. This anchor chart depicts the many traits you expect the children to include in their writing.  When posted somewhere in the room, your students can refer back to it and you as well, when you want to review and reinforce a particular trait of writing.  I made this anchor chart using a model from 6 Traits +1 Writing Program.  I had fun making this anchor chart lively and especially the girl's hair with WILD and MANY ideas to write about.  The kids love the girl and her crazy hair.   I let them know that VOICE is what we love about reading the most.  Can you hear my voice in my anchor chart?

 I studied writing with Dr. Donald Graves at the University of New Hampshire.  He taught the writing process. He believed the process of writing and revision are both VERY important.  When writing, children need to know that all writers revise and rewrite.  The process of rewriting and revising often times makes the best writing. Teach your students to reread, rewrite and add more details.  Rough drafts are essential.  Writing time and writing folders give the children the writing environment that is necessary to produce the best writing. And when you hear, "I'm all done" encourage them to recheck, look back, and make it better. Remind them that writing is not a race, or the first one done, rather it is your personal best.

Model good writing and the many writing styles by reading Children's Literature.  Trust the books to model and teach good writing.  Write with the children and share your writing with them.  Presentation and publishing can be an author's chair, a quick share or a more formal published book.  We all need an audience for our writing.  I find authentic writing experiences are best.
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