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the hidden alphabet

all you need for this lesson is the book, a pencil and paper

 by Laura Vaccaro Seegar

This is the BEST book ever for Reading Readiness. Even the cover is fun!
so as you can see the book is all black but if you take off the dust cover, you and the children will see letters...random all over the place! Then place the cover back on and you see the Title...
the hidden alphabet
Now that is just the beginning. Each page in this book shows a word first then the letter it begins with, children read the word and then predict what letter they might see. I have the children use whiteboards or pencil and paper.   Read the story giving children time to write each letter as the alphabet unfolds. For example, the book shows a door and you say, "What letter do you think you will see?" Children write the letter D; then you reconfirm their guess when you turn the page...and more fun...the pages turn up!
  Go slowly and enjoy each page. will love this book as much as the children.  Great book to reinforce alphabet, practice handwritiing, making predictions, teaching titles,
 listen, look and do!

here are some example pages:

Read : balloons      Ask:  What letter do you think you will see?

This is the next page the children see. 

Read: mouse
Ask:   What letter do you think you will see?

This is the next page.

And so it goes..... When you finish the book, the children will have written their alphabet.  This is a wonderful book.  It's clever.  It's motivating. It captures the children's attention.