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Starting Out Your Year, Positively!

Hello Teachers,
Great Book To Teach Positive Attitude
I read this book last year to my first graders. (I teach grades 1-5)! and I am always looking for good books with positive life lessons.  This one is a great book to read in September it is a great springboard for class discussion in this quick start out on a positive note about how we treat one another and how we might learn to do our very best at school and at play.

The little fish swims from one page to another and she embraces a positive saying as she journeys through the book.  Three examples are:  If you make a wrong turn, circle back.   and If something gets in your way, move around it. and
Set aside some quiet time to relax and reflect.  Every day.

Lots to discuss and write about after this read aloud.  You might have them do a self portrait for your September bulletin board.  Great vocabulary word to introduce is UNIQUE.

And here is a puppet you might want to purchase at You can purchase it HERE.   It could be your class mascot so you could refer back to the author's message throughout the year. She is adorable.

And I love the end pages....see for yourself....
The kids love reading all these bright and colorful words.

Here is a booklet, I am ME,  you might also do after reading this book.  You can grab your full copy HERE.  There are 8 pages.  You can print them 8 x 10 or smaller...below are the first 5 pages. There are 3 more.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3
Page 4
Page 5

Thanks for reading my post.  Check back as things never stay the same.