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September Morning Riddles-Reading & Writing

Good Morning!
  Start each school day with a morning riddle.  Here are a few riddles to get you started....once you get going, the kids will not want to stop.  They arrive looking for that riddle! Kids love to think and solve problems.  This is a great way to get them started and also gives you a few minutes to collect notes from home, lunch money etc.

  I have completed 4 packets of morning riddles.  There are lots of ways to use can make booklets, have them record the riddle each day in a notebook, you can write the riddle on chart paper or board and go over the riddle at morning circle time...
and what else could you do?  Endless possibilities...

  • each riddle focuses on a sight word which is in bold print   
  • the riddles are appropriate for Grade 1 and Grade 2.  The packets include a riddle for each day of the week and a sight word review page.
  • September riddles are about school supplies, school activities, school routines
  • easily use the riddles as a springboard for the many class discussions need to start out the new year

 The first 2 weeks of riddles give a black and white illustration to color in...a big hint to the answer.  After 2 weeks, the children read the riddle, think, write and illustrate their own picture of the answer.  If you decide to keep the riddles for each child, you can easily make a booklet as each packet has a cover page included.   If you do this, you will be able to record growth in both reading and writing.   Allow the children to talk about the answers as conversation, speaking and listening are part of a balanced literacy program.

These are 2 examples of a September riddles.  Children read the clues. Each riddle has 2 or 3 statements and a question.  Each riddle has a sight word in bold print.  Each riddle has lines for writing and a box for illustrating.  These have my illustrations, but after 2 weeks, the children must draw their own illustration.  Kids look for the riddles! They love to think what it might be, and you can teach so much from this one page.

This riddle has blank space for illustrating.

Each week there is a sight word review page for the sight words for the week. Handwriting and word shape practice.
October riddles are on the way ...soon!  You can find your September Riddles ...HERE!