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Reading Response Journals -{for Elementary Students]

Writing Helps Clarify and 

Confirm your Thinking 

Read....Think....Write....Read...Think ....Write

Using Reading Response Journals in the Classroom is a great way to keep your kids reading and writing.  I use them in my classroom to invite my students to write and record their personal reaction, questions and reflections about what they have read.  Reading and writing go hand-in-hand and reading journals are a great way to improve both.  Students may include information learned, new vocabulary words, and book reviews.  Reading Response Journals are a way to address all the reading-writing levels in your room as they give students a prompt or question to write about their own book choice or independent reading.

Below is a sample selection from my packet of Reader Response Journal Questions and Writing Prompts. The set includes 14 pages and 28 questions/prompts; a reading response rubric, and labels for your journals.  You can get your set HERE.  Once you get your cards set they can be used over and over again.  The questions and writing prompts are appropriate for all kinds of books and gives practice to rereading and finding evidence in the text to support asked questions about the reading.

Download, print and laminate these reader response cards for your students reader response journals.
There are 14 pages, each page has 2 response cards, for total of 28 questions and writing prompts for reading response. Cards measure 5"x7",  Also included are labels for reading journals, and reading response journal rubric. (see below)  Get them HERE!

Labels for Reading Response Journals