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The Magic of Read Aloud

We are reading Henry Huggins by Beverly old favorite!  It is delightful and the children listen with attentive ears.  Building on a good read aloud is easy.  See below a packet of reading response, writing, language, vocabulary and math activities to go along with this book.

You can read this book as a read my opinion, the best way!  as Cleary writes with easy to read verse and each chapter builds to a frenzy.  Your kids will ask you to read the next chapter and won't let you skip the read aloud.  You know a book works when that happens.  This book is also great to use in a reading group or independent reading. Lots of places to stop and share good writing.  Children learn to write from the great authors they read.   It's just a great oldie but still captures the reader.

Enjoy the story and check out my literature pack for this book HERE.

Have a wonderful October!