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Mouse Adventures

A Mouse Called Wolf

by Dick King-Smith
This story is about achieving, even if you are small. Wolf is the smallest and least strong of the mice cubs...and he is looked down upon by others.  He stays at home with his mum when all the others leave the nest.  His mother named him Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  She just happened to lift this wonderful name off of some sheet music.  She liked the name and the name was bigger than mouse himself!  Enter Mrs. Honeybee!  Perhaps it was his name that gave him his unusual talent because Wolf discovers he can sing the music Mrs. Honeybee plays.  Mum is nervous about Mrs. Honeybee because she is a cat...and so the adventure begins.

  Another King-Smith critter to love. 

The family mouse hole is just behind the leg of a grand piano played twice a day by an elderly woman.  The three central characters are nicely crafted in this sweet story. Budding young musicians will relate to Wolf's struggles to develop his talent and share it with his not-so-musical mother. Those who haven't discovered their talents will enjoy this small mouse as they have the other creatures King-Smith so lovingly creates. 

Illustrations are engaging and are black-and-white and truly capture the warmth of the text. 
This book will appeal to your young readers who are ready for chapter books....and it is an awesome read aloud!  Wait to you hear Wolf singing everything from "Three Blind Mice" to Chopin, the Beatles and more...and all to Mrs. Honeybee's accompaniment.  and oh, my! then an accident happens and leaves Mrs. honeybee in's up to Wolf to save her! Read the book!  You will not be disappointed.

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