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Reading Poetry

Emily Dickinson 
Journey into the world of Emily Dickinson where the ordinary is filled with beauty and charm. 
 The poems in this collection are carefully chosen for children and they are beautifully illustrated by Chi Chung.  A great book to teach visualization.  I recommend this book to young and old. This poetry book has a wonderful introduction about Emily, her life and her writing. A must read for your student writers!

 Reading and responding to poetry by classic poets gives your students literacy background and knowledge of the many different kinds of writing.  Some of Emily's works can be dreary and about death but there are many you might choose to share with your students.  This book captures her best for kids.
Poetry Idea:  Use the response sheet below after reading a poem to your students. Have copies of the poem for their pockets.  To practice fluency, have the children read the poem aloud 3x.  I tell my students they can read the poem to Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, their pets, their goldfish, a stuffed animal...well, you get the idea.  They write the name of the person to whom they read their poem and check..sign..and date.  Have them bring back their response sheet the next day.  

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