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Extraordinary Poet and Illustrator

by Laura Purdie Salas
Illustrated by
Josee Bisaillon

 Bookspeak is a wonderful book! a collection of poetry about books!  You will love this book; especially if you are a book lover, as I am.  Laura Purdie Salas is the author.  Josee Bisaillon is the illustrator and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her illustrations.  This is a perfect book to read aloud to your students to teach poetry AND the love of books.

I love every poem in this book but here is the one I will read tomorrow to my third graders.

                        Top Secret

Describe your desires and they become mine.
I'm a treasure box where feelings can shine.
All thinkers need pages where dreams can take flight.
Reveal all
Your secrets, one entry per night.

So you might ask, how does this tie into my curriculum and all else I am doing.  The page of "top secret" (the poem) is beautifully illustrated with butterflies skittering out from a book and across the page.  In Science, we are studying life cycles. We are waiting for our butterflies to be born and our chicks to hatch.  We also just started a unit on rocks and minerals...and another poem in this book will be perfect.  It's called "Cliffhanger".  We are also reading Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White.  Sam Beaver, a character in that story always keeps a diary so I chose "Top Secret" to make a connection to our read aloud.  And most important, "all thinkers need pages"!  


I swallow up dragons
and cannons and wars.
I don't fear old mansions
with slow, creaking
I quite like the dark---
murky midnight's no threat
The one thing I fear
is the feeling of

When puddles attack me or
raindrops are sprinkled,

they leave me all soggy---
they turn me all wrinkled!

Check back one book leads to another!