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Using Post-Its During Reading

There is a website called  You will find some great ideas to use your post-its.  Here is one that worked for me. 
Read and Find  - Post It - Activity
Before the students arrive, place two post-its on each student's desk. One has a ? on it. The other has a ! on it. As they read the assigned text, they look for something they have a question about and something they learned. The question is writen on the post-it with the ? and the thing they learned is writen on the one with the !  I assigned reading on informational text, namely, rocks and minerals.

During reading, I encourage my students to think of something they have a question about and something they found interested about; something they learned.  Students write statements on the post its.  Next,  the students stick the post-its on a large graphic organizer I have prelabled with questions I have, something I learned.  This activity sets a purpose for reading and helps students to focus on the text.   

How it Works
Step 1Create a class sized graphic organizer that relates to the text you have chosen.
Step 2Pick two light colored post-its. On one color, print a ? in a corner. On the other color, print a ! in a corner. Place one of each color on each student's desk.
Step 3Tell the students to read the assignment and find one thing they have a question about and write it on the post-it with the ? They should also find something they learned and write it on the post-it with the !
Step 4Have the students put their post-its on the graphic organizer.
Step 5Use the results as a way to guage the students' understanding of the text.  Later, ask students to read on to find the answers to the questions. 

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Below is an example anchor chart used in a classroom that uses post-its

Another great idea for post its during reading.  Easy way to show
that our thinking changes when reading a chapter book.