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Back to School

Greeting Card for 'Back to School'
 illustrated and created
by Chris Q

Hello Readers!
Hope you are enjoying your last days of summer vacation.  
Some of you may already be busy in your classrooms....

wishing you the very best 
school year ahead! 

This year, I am going to try to post more often.  I have a zillion things on my computer to share.  I am always thinking and creating new pages and artwork for my classroom.  I am thrilled with all the many things on line that teachers share...together, the possibilities are endless.
Please stop back to see how I am doing.  I have been teaching for 20+ years and every year is different.  I look forward to another school year of writing, teaching, learning and sharing.  

This is a sign I made for my classroom doorway that reads:

Hall Sign for Classroom Management
You may purchase my sign at TPT for only $1.00.  This is a 1 page pdf that you may download, print and laminate.  Post it next to your doorway to remind your class about your expectations when passing through the hallways.

Or just click HERE and you can download this sign for FREE! as a Thank you for visiting my blog.  I will post more freebies soon!

If you wish, you may also purchase my "Back To School" greeting card!  
In my spare time, (whenever I can find a single morning) I like to paint and illustrate.  I have made over 1600 greeting cards!  Yikes! and also lots of paintings.  I keep trying to make that 'perfect' painting while still knowing that it is impossible.  If you break the word impossible in just the right reads 'I'm possible!" 

It is important to:

 do what you 
what you do
My next post will be about a great book to read aloud to your class at the beginning of the school year.  

Check back!