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Life Lessons My Students Taught Me : CRASH COURSE

Crash Course
The Life Lessons My Students Taught Me

by Kim Bearden

  I learned about this book by Kim Bearden during my last blog hop; just clicked it to my ipad...and it's a great story.  I haven't finished reading it but I can already recommend this book...a good read.  We all have students like the ones Kim describes.   I love true stories that can help my teaching.  We learn so much from each other. and sometimes it's so helpful to realize that our classrooms and students are similar no matter what part of the country we teach in.  This book unfolds the real reasons why we chose to teach and what matters most in your everyday routines in the classroom.  a great read!
What book are you reading this summer?  Leave a comment with your recommendation.

The inspiring true story of a teacher’s experiences with her students and the life lessons she learned that can help others find joy and success.

Crash Course chronicles the life lessons that Kim Bearden has learned during an award-winning career in education that has spanned three decades. Kim has taught more than 2,000 students, and each has shown her something about the world and the abundant capacity for love, resilience, and appreciation that we all possess. By sharing her students’ stories, she teaches their inspiring lessons to us all.

Throughout the ups and downs of her professional and personal life, Kim found that her students were the light that illuminated her path; they were her sanctuary in the storm. From her challenges as a first year teacher, to her triumphs as the cofounder of the highly acclaimed Ron Clark Academy, Kim shares how children can teach each of us the importance of building relationships, abandoning fear, embracing one’s unique gifts, and living with passion.

Full of honesty, humor, heartbreak, and humanity, Kim’s experiences show how children can help any one of us, despite life’s obstacles, find the joy and significance in both our personal and professional lives.

You may grab a copy right HERE.