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For the Love of Autumn: Reading Response Journals

This book is a tender and sweet story.  When Miss Parks' cat disappears on a stormy night, your students' eyes will be wide with anticipation. There has been talk about a mountain lion and Miss Parks' and her students fear the worst.   This book captures their attention and it is an excellent springboard for predictions.  Read it aloud to your class.  They will love it!

Miss Parks just loves her new home, her new teaching job, and all her new students. But most of all, she loves Autumn, her perfect little kitten. Then one night, during a terrible storm, Autumn runs away. Miss Parks' students band together to search for Autumn with no luck. Hope is lost until Autumn turns up.  Autumn jumps off the trellis into Mrs. Parks' arms!  Yet,  with a brand new collar and a bandage on her tail. Someone has been taking care of Autumn!
With the help of her students, Miss Parks unravels the mystery of Autumn's disappearance and finds true love along the way, Polacco style. 

Reading Response journals are a place where students can record 
their thoughts, reactions, feelings, and questions about a book. 
Use the following prompts to encourage your students to think 
critically about the  book, For the Love of Autumn by Patricia Polacco. 

• What does the story make you think about?
• What feelings do you experience?
• Does this book remind you of anything else?
• What did you really like about this book?
• How do you feel about the characters in this book?
• In what ways can you identify with the main character?
• Were there any real life issues that made you think?

You can find a reading response page HERE to use with this book or any other book.