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Do Not Open This Book!

What is Your Prediction?

If you can find this book, it is a great one to teach 'making a prediction'....and a great cover.  Who wouldn't want to open the book?  

The author is Joy Cowley. It's titled, Do Not Open This Book!  Now that's a different message.  But you can predict what will happen, can't you?  Yes, the kids will want you to open the book, but I wouldn't open it right away until they really want you to... happy reading!

And the poor rat keeps trying to keep you from turning each page, warning you that something dreadful will happen if you do. Each page has further clues. So, the children keep making more predictions based on the visual clues. Perfect for first graders!

Children read it over and over again. 
I say it's especially loved. And just look at that mouse character. You know, children's literature is magical.  Find good books and read to your children and class often. It is simply joyful seeing children so excited about reading!

predict that you will start searching for this book; especially if you love to read to children. Remember, Meg Ryan in the movie, "You've Got Mail" and she has that adorable Children's Book Shop...Around the Corner...she knew the magic!

What literature is on your shelves? What books make your kids come closer and closer?  Comment below and let's make a list of favorite read-alouds...