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A Brand New Year!

A Brand New Year!
It's always so exciting to begin a brand new year!
Here are three photos of our classroom...ready and waiting!  Monday morning twenty-three new third graders will begin a brand new year of school...their 3rd grade year.  New books, new pencils and new friends! 
Classroom environment ... is it important?    
Classroom environment can create warmth and in turn promotes a sense of comfort.   Adding color can bring life to a room.  Organization and order give learners security and belonging; physical space and time are important to the school day.  Where do I find ......? What time do I ....?  Who will ....?  What do I do when...?  How will I ....?  When will I...?
All of these are important to children.  When the elementary classroom provides the answers to these questions, then the student is ready to learn and grow. 

Carpet space provides the place to have morning meetings, to practice listening, to read books, to build class community, to address classroom etiquette and to interact and grow socially. An organized classroom library inspires reading and book choice.  Carpet space also provides a great place for partner reading and movement.   Tables around the room invite group work and a change of pace from desks.

Bright, bold and colorful bulletin boards are essential for teaching the big concepts.  This board invites students to read their way around the world.  How many continents can you read about?  How many countries can you visit?  

Desks are arranged in cluster groups.  This encourages cooperative learning, builds a sense of class community and makes the best use of space.  Ideal desk arrangements create opportunities for students to become actively engaged in learning.  Tables around the the room allow space for movement during different times of the day.  Group work at tables.  Independent work at seats. Smart teachers move furniture when students need a change.

Enjoy the brand new year!
Enjoy reading new stories and books!
Enjoy learning new science!
Enjoy learning about people and places!
Read, think, reflect!
Ask questions, to get answers, to ask more questions!