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Thanksgiving Literacy Pack

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some fun pages for your students at Thanksgiving time.  I made the clip art and hope to make some more for my resources and pages.  Check back for some Christmas designs....

 Included in this Thanksgiving literacy pack are a writing response page for A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting.  Grab your copy below.  

Also included in the literacy pack are: 
  • Four Square- to tell about the main idea and details about Thanksgiving (2 clip art designs)
  • general writing pages about Pilgrims (choice of boy or girl clipart)
  • Sequence page - "How to Make Pumpkin Pie" First, Next, Then, Finally
  • Writing facts about the First Thanksgiving
  • Then and Now Page - t-chart
  • Making New Words - make new words from the word Thanksgiving - students cut out letters and move them around their desks to make new words, next they record their words on their paper

                    A Turkey for Thanksgiving 
by Eve Bunting

All the animal friends are invited by Mr. and Mrs. Moose for Thanksgiving dinner, but the only one missing is Turkey.  They set out to find their friend, Turkey.  Of course, Turkey thinks he will be ON THE TABLE, but he learns he has true friends and they all want him at their table.  I wonder what they have for Thanksgiving dinner.  Great read aloud at Thanksgiving time.

You can purchase this book from HERE  then click HERE  to use the writing response below with your students. Students will write or draw about the characters in the story, the setting, the problem and solution.  Great lesson on story elements.
If you would like the entire Thanksgiving Literacy Pack click HERE!

 Fun Thanksgiving clip art for your own resources and pages click HERE!

See my new clip art for Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!