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Winter Wonderland Door Contest - Merry Christmas

We decorated our classroom door and got 2nd place
 in our 'winter wonderland' door contest !
Children were so happy to create, draw, paint,  make snowflakes;  and then a bit lucky to win.   It was great fun....first, we used green and blue inks mixed with gesso and sponge-painted the background... next, we looked at some real-life cardinals in nature.  Easy to find on the internet.  Each student received a block of mixed-media paper to draw and color their birds.  Just colored with red crayons and a bit of black for beaks and eyes.  We talked about covering every white spot everywhere.  Dark, dark, red, red!  Then they made a branch for their cardinal to sit upon...  we placed the cardinals on our background of blue-green white sponge painting.  
And lastly, we made our snowflakes, so many.  This was snow-much fun!

It was easy to cut out individual blocks of cardinals, snowflakes and branches so each child could bring home their artwork to hang in a window at home.

Merry Christmas from Lucky Room 13!