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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Illustrated by Milena Kirkova

 This is a great book to read to young readers on Valentine's week.  Illustrations are beautiful.  Read and find out where love comes from. The cover is really fun with all the beautifully illustrated circles.  They are raised on the book cover...just got to LOVE this book. Check below to get a 'circle page' for your students to illustrate all the things that they LOVE.  also grab a couple of 'heart maps'.... Have a very sweet Valentine's Day. 

 Here is a peek of some of the inside pages...

Now that is a garden I would LOVE to paint.

Simple, bold and bright!  Just what I LOVE!

After looking at the beautiful cover of this book, make your own "LOVE Circle Page". Click HERE to get your page.
Show the favorite things you LOVE and make it colorful

After reading this fun story, have your students complete a heart map.

Click HERE for this heart map to download and print.
Click  HERE  for this heart map to download and print.

Oh, and one more book before I go:

  This book is a pop-up book and you will learn that people all around the world say I love you.  Great book to  show children all the many places in the world and all the people who need LOVE.