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World Poetry Day!

March 21   is   World Poetry Day!
Reading Aloud poems can be very exciting for children of all ages.  So many poems to choose from...ask your students to practice a poem to read aloud to the class.  They might find a poem that is joyful or funny; serious or sad; whimsical and wacky!  Let them choose.  Children will be able to develop listening skills as well as visualization skills by reading poetry.  Look high and low for that favorite poem to entertain your classmates... then enjoy the listening. Rhyme, rhythm, pattern, language, and fluency... the best writing is written in the fewest words.    Comments and questions are invited. Finally, complete a poem review page found below.

So easy to do!  1.) Gather your poetry books.  2.) Provide time and opportunity for your students to read poems from the many different books.  3.) Tell your students they must choose one poem to read to the class. 4.) Give them the time and place to practice reading their poems.   5.)  Have your students read their poems 3x at home for homework.  Tell them they can read to their mother, father, sister, brother, dog, cat, teddy bear, goldfish, or whomever!  They like all the 'whos' they can read to... 6.) Read and listen to the poems at school. 7.) Complete the 'poem review' page. 

Poetry!  Poetry! Poetry!
and Books about Poetry! 
and Poetry about Books!

Open A Book
Open a book
And you will find,
People and places of every kind;
Open a book
And you can be,
Anything you want to be;
Open a book 
And you can share,
Wondrous words you find in there
Open a book
And I will too,
You read to me,
And I'll read to you!

Read this book, Book Speak!  Use the book as a springboard to invite your students to write poetry about reading and books.  You will find wild and wacky poems about the magic you find in books.  The books themselves are the voice!  Characters, book jackets and bookstores SPEAK!
The author is Laura Purdie Salas and the drawings, illustrations and beautiful collage is by Illustrator, Josee Bisaillon.  Adventure, imagination and reading.... these poems encourage readers to find a new adventure within the pages of a book!

....Click HERE to get your poem review page....

After reading poetry, write some!

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