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Writing about Book Characters

Writing About Characters

Who will you meet?  Writing about characters can be fun for kids and allows them to think about character's words and actions.  Characters teach us about all the wonderful attributes we might want to emulate; and also those attributes that we find displeasing to us.  
What kind of a character are you?
Children are interested in characters that think, characters that dream, characters that imagine, characters who have best friends, characters who do fun and exciting things, characters who have problems, characters who find solutions...where will your character take you today?  Go on an adventure with  Evangeline Mudd..... she will keep you busy and interested. Evangeline has had a very unusual childhood.  She learns to swing from rafters and can eat peanut-butter sandwiches with her feet!  Evangeline's parents are called away on a research trip to the
 Ikkinasti Jungle.  The mystery begins when they fail to return.  However, Evangeline sets out to find them herself!  She is dauntless, funny and very amusing!  Be ready to go on a wild adventure!


Oh, and the wonderful and amazing Clementine! Enjoy Clementine and the Spring Trip  Everyone knows someone like Clementine.  She's energetic, funny and very likable. She is off on a Spring Trip and everyone is invited to go the pages and join her. 

Read these books aloud or have them available for your student readers.  What characters are your favorites?

Here are some pages you might like to use in your class while studying character traits.
Click HERE to get character traits page                 Click HERE to download this 
                                                                                      character trait page
Click HERE to download this page

Happy Spring!