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Easy Writing Prompts for Journals

Writing Prompts for Journals, Power Writes, Fast Finishers and Quiet Moments

One idea for writing time... type up some writing prompts and tape them to wide craft sticks.  Place the "writing prompt sticks" in a clear container 
marked "Writing Prompts"
These are suitable for writing one page entries in a student journal or writing notebook.    When you need a filler or a quiet moment, choose a writing prompt the prompt to the class...and have your students do a 'power' write for 10-15 minutes.  Easy to add more prompts as you go.  They are always handy for when you might need them.

Perfect for independent writing, too!  use these writing prompts for 'fast finishers' ...after completing their assigned work, student chooses a writing prompt and writes in his journal or writing notebook. 

Get Your Full Set of Writing Prompts HERE

This is the full set of writing prompts already done for you.  You download, print, tape them to a craft stick, place them in a clear container.  It will take about 30 minutes or less to get these ready for your class; however you can use them over and over and keep them for many years.  These writing prompts are appropriate for Grades 2-5. 

Get a Sample set of Writing Prompts HERE

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