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Teaching Respect Everyday

Tails from the Old Oak Tree
This book is a great story book to add to your classroom library.  There are six stories with animal friends as the main characters.  The book teaches those life lessons that are so valuable to teach respect and citizenship.  The stories are about friendship and friends and sometimes you need to make up after a misunderstanding with a friend.  Other stories show the importance of family and friendship and how one's self is the foundation of treating others kindly and with respect.  

Great book to keep on your aloud before your preschoolers nap time and engage them in the evaluation and thinking process of what makes us show respect.  How do you recognize respect?  How do you feel respect?  Find a pair of glasses, best without the lenses, and tape 'respectacles' on the frame; have your preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders take turns in looking for 'respect' in your classroom, in the hallway, at lunch and at recess.  Next, have that child report to their classmates what they saw happening.  Keep a chart of phrases posted in your room and refer back to it often...
Example phrases:
"Amanda helped Jennifer open her milk at lunch"
"Jason said thank you to his friend when he said yes, he could borrow his crayons"

You may wish to make shorter phrases:
Amanda helped Jen
Jason said thank you
William cleaned the table
Sara turned pages in her book nicely
Derek walked in the hall
Payson fed birds at home

Your list will grow and grow as will the respect your students show at school

Write the word respect (with respect) bold, bright and beautiful and place it in your classroom for everyone to see.  If necessary, you can silently point to the word, no words necessary, they will get what you mean.  Sometimes, teachers talk too much and students will not hear what you are saying; but they are experts on reading body language and will be able to feel what you are saying to them...just a silent gesture is all that you need.  If you wish to have a quieter classroom, start with yourself.  It's guaranteed to work, try it. You may wish to download my pages below for a word art sign for 
'RESPECT".  Also there are pages included for older students, Grades 2-3 in the packet along with some other book recommendations. 


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