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The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen
great read aloud

We talked about the importance of play... and of course, work is equally important.  Lessons early in childhood about work at home and work at school would be beneficial to that child when he/she is a grown up. All people and animals work each day; it's what makes us sleep well at night.  What kind of work do you like to do? 
 The Little Red Hen is a perfect read aloud for PreK -Grade 1 and older.  It's a classic ... and one of those books we go back to read again. It's fun and children love the story.   There are many versions but the story remains in tact.  
The author's message? 
work out...share...plan ahead... 
rewards and fairness

I made  literacy-math centers to use with The Little Red Hen... 
I made it 
"all by myself" 
bright, bold and colorful clip art made by me also

you can find literacy and math pack for 
Grades PreK- Grade 1   HERE
this pack includes 58 pages to use with this book- the pages and activities help with reading comprehension and retelling the story
pages for math center...pages for literacy center
Little Red Hen
here are some example pages included in this 
literacy-math center pack:
phonics page - rhyming words for cat
Complete the sentence
What comes next?  Math Center Activity

The Little Red Hen works hard and she is rewarded.

vocabulary words for your pocket chart without pictures
Vocabulary words for your pocket chart and writing center with pictures
thanks for visiting... come back as I will be adding more ideas and strategies to teach reading and writing with children's literature...delights the child and motivates reading