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Wonderfall by Michael Hall (Greenwillow Books) from My New Favorite Book by Michael Hall on Vimeo.
by Michael Hall
Simple lines and beautiful art.     Wonderfall is a beautiful book about the various events that happen in the fall, including the beginning of the school year, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more. 

Each page is related to the autumn season.  Hall uses -ful words and substitutes it to read fall to make words like beautifall, thankfall, delightfall and more.  
The story follows woodland animals, children and grown-ups as they experience the autumn season through parades, trick-or-treating and jumping in the leaves, among other fun seasonal experiences.

Hall’s bold digital illustrations combine acrylic paint with soft pastels, which may remind readers of the works of Eric Carle.  His artwork splashes the pages with autumn colors...bright green, yellow, burnt orange and striking blue.  Text format helps beginning readers who are learning to sound out words.  Preschoolers would love to hunt and find the autumn elements ...beautiful leaves, squirrels, acorns, little birds.  Turn the pages and discover the 'wonderfall' book talk that will happen.  This book includes a learning guide at the end and gives facts about the various animals in the story.  You may wish to talk about the word ending -ful and how the author changed it to fall to add to his story about fall. 
This book can be a springboard to all those wonderfall activities you do with your homeschoolers, preschoolers and young readers. 

Take a look inside:
Make some leaf pictures or a Thanksgiving turkey
Leaf Turkey


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