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5 Awesome Read Alouds for Winter

1.  When It Starts to Snow
by Phillis Gershater

This book is charming and you will love reading it aloud... all the animals ask 
"What if it starts to snow? What will I do?  Where will I go?"

Rhyme, verse and the repetitive questions make this book a perfect one for beginning literacy students.  Your children will listen in as you read this inquisitive text.
Put this one on your list. One to purchase for your library.  It's my new favorite.  The amazing illustrations by Martin Matje complement the text beautifully!

2.  Katy and the Big Snow
     by Virginia Lee Burton

Katy and the Big Snow teaches such a valuable lesson about working hard to achieve a goal.  Katy is a very brave and untiring tractor.  Her work ethic is amazing.  She pushes a bulldozer in the summer and a snowplow in the winter.  Katy's hard work makes it possible for all the townspeople to do their jobs.  Katy shows her true self when a blizzard blankets the city and everyone is relying on Katy to help dig them out.  This book can lead to many valuable discussions about commitment, work, and helping.

3.   Thomas' Snowsuit
      by Robert Munsch

Munsch's books are SO fun to read.  If you need some laughter and a bit of surprise.  Read this book!  That's all I will say about this one!  Read it!

4.  Red Sled
            by Lita Judge

This book has very few words but that makes the looking and listening that much closer. As you read this one... pause and think...ask what might happen next?  what do you think? 
small children and early readers are quite capable to make inferences and evaluations when you read aloud a good book as this one.  All the woodland creature take a child's sled for a joy ride at night.  The ride is beautifully illustrated in watercolors.  See the humorous expressions on the characters.  When finished, slowly and gently close the book on your lap and listen to the children's conversations.  They will be very informative of their understanding of this wonderful book. 

5.  Stella: Queen of the Snow 
by Marie Louise Gay

Stella has a younger brother, Sam.  Sam has never seen snow before. Sam is mesmerized by his first snowstorm and he has lots of great questions about the snow.  Read this book to find out Stella's amazing and very entertaining answers about the snow.  Find out who eats snowflakes for breakfast.   This read aloud could easily be a springboard about asking questions to find answers to ask more questions.  I love this book!