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8 Great Books for Summer Reading - [Summer Reading Log]

Let's read this summer!  Here are 8 books to get your beginner reader started!  Some of my favorites!

I would choose this one because I LOVE the characters!

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 ... lesson today... often times, children choose books by the cover, as we do, they wonder what might happen inside...authors spend time and careful consideration choosing artwork for their books...the author is calling your attention to the story... it is an invitation to read!  Often times, titles of books and cover art present you with key questions of what you might read and learn. 

 Take your little reader to the library this summer.   Children begin to learn that reading is a rewarding activity. Allow your child to take out 2-3 books and you do the same.  Books can open doorways to discovery. You can make story connections to personal life, family and activities;
after all, that's what reading is...making connections.  Talk, read, listen, write and sing about the stories you read.  Most libraries have a story time for little ones; your child might enjoy this more than TV!
 Library time is quiet time.  It is full of curiosity and adventure...
 ...rain or shine... lots of books ....
just waiting for your child to choose one!  Your child will learn about sharing and when you take the book back, it creates another opportunity to find the next book to read.  Ask your librarian if they give children a library card because it is a perfect real-life experience to teach responsibility. 

Here are some questions you might pose to your beginning reader about these books. 
Why do you think his tail is all sparkly?  Hmmm...

           Can Pete the Cat surf?
Do you think Mother Bear will like her present? Why?

Discovering Nature... this book title already asks the question.

What kinds of things do you think this girl might do at the beach?

Do you like watermelon? Why do you think it is so refreshing?
Who is eating watermelon? Is he eating the seeds too?

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And here is a freebie for your summer reading.... each time you read a book with your child, color in a sunshine!  Happy Reading!  

Please note that keeping a log can be a fun activity, but more important is enjoying the stories.  One by one...two by two... the true reward is the STORY!  
Sometimes we forget that the story is the best reward so reading logs, stickers and rewards can direct our beginning readers in the wrong direction. Readers should have the option and opportunity to choose the way they would like to respond to a book.  

Enjoy those summer days!