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Hello All,

We are working on revising our writing about Birds in first grade.  I am teaching my first graders that writing is a process. We started our writing before vacation.
  1.  First, we write down our ideas. 
  2.  Then we reread, add details, revise and make corrections. 
It is important to teach each writing element and at the same time show the process of writing.
Today we used our spacemen to check for spacing.  I found these adorable spacemen over at .  The children loved the 'spacemen' and 'spacewomen' to check for spacing.
This is the practice page we did for correct spacing between words.

I did a quick mini lesson on capitals in titles.  All the important words should be capitalized.  We looked at several titles on real books and the concept was easily learned.  
Next, I handed out a writing checklist.  We read and discussed the checklist.  You may find the checklist HERE
        and Writing!