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Handwriting for First Graders

when reading the book:
Is the blue whale the biggest thing there is?

I decided to add a handwriting practice sheet during our reading-writing time. The children practice writing ...big...bigger ....biggest! And, of course, you might teach comparisons as it would fit in nicely.
This is an easy practice sheet for handwriting...
particularly awareness when writing, good posture and pencil grip.  I use a little saying that helps.

P ut your feet flat on the floor.
A lways sit straight in your chair.
G ently hold your pencil.
E ither slant your paper to the left or the right.

After teaching your students the saying.  You can simply say PAGE when they are writing and it will alert them to good posture when writing.  Teaching handwriting might becoming obsolete as we are all keyboarders now, but children are still writing in school and a little time devoted to writing and presentation is important.  I find some children write too fast and do not close up their letters, haphazardly form their letters, or spacing is in need of improvement.
I also added a text box to this handwriting paper showing the small letters, tall letters and the ones that fall.

You can find this handwriting practice paper HERE.  Happy Teaching!

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