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5 Reasons Why You Need to include Word Study Everyday in Teaching Reading

Words, words and more words!

Word Sorts are easy for you and motivating for your students!  You will find that your students will collect words, like they collect trading cards.  Who doesn't love a collection?
Daily word work is important to those learning to read. 

5 Reasons why you should include word sorts, word study and learning new vocabulary in Teaching Young Children to Read     

1.  It enables your reader to say what he or she means.  When young children hear and learn new words they acquire the ability to describe a story, depict an event and explaining the emotion.  Their ideas and opinions are more readily and easily shared with family, friends, teachers and adults.  The ability to communicate more exact meanings increases as they acquire a rich vocabulary. 

2.  Understanding others is easier when the child has a storehouse of words.  As readers, we are always expanding our vocabulary.  As writers, we learn new words to convey our thoughts and stories.  Unfamiliar words can be readily learned within the context of known words.  Reading comprehension is the key to understanding texts and authors. Learning new words is the foundation of comprehension.
3.  Acquiring a rich and vast vocabulary allows the reader to think logically and  beyond the text.  Reading, understanding and words spiral with the reader.  As the reader grows, he/she is able to interpret ideas from
others more readily and is able to express their own ideas with closer meaning.
4.  Developing a powerhouse of words enables the reader to communicate in a more engaging way.  Learning similar words, synonyms, antonyms enables the speaker  to engage others in conversation and communicate in a more effective way.  Describing feelings and events become clearer to the listener.  Writers engage their readers with narratives that are so descriptive the reader feels the emotion and sees the the predicament. 
5.  Becoming literate means a rich and vast vocabulary.  Being articulate, exact, interesting and entertaining engages your reader or listener.  Literacy means reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking... all of these facets are accomplished with word study and word work.  Literacy means communication and understanding and our basic tools are words.

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