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Poetry for Kids, for April, for Every Month!

You deserve a Poetry Break Today!

Poetry is a fantastic way to practice fluency and reading aloud to an audience.  April is the month we say is National Poetry Month; however a classroom bin of books clearly marked Poetry is delightful to have all year long.  

My class has a list of favorite poets and they love when I whisper walk over to the poetry bin. Smiling faces see me flip around the pages for the perfect poem for today.  This one is a favorite and it's perfect for Spring.

Quack, Quack!
We have two ducks.  One blue.  One black.
And when our blue duck goes "Quack-Quack"
our black duck quickly quack-quacks back.
The quacks Blue quacks make her quite a quacker
but Black is a quicker quacker-backer. 

And yes, you guessed right!  It's by our famous Dr. Seuss.  The kids try to remember this one to recite aloud and we have done many activities with just this one poem. Choral read, boys read, one line, girls the next line or alternate with rows.   Students learn to read for meaning and reading poetry is a great way to improve reading fluency.

Our poetry bin is full of Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, Mary Ann Hoberman, Douglas Florian, Aileen Fisher, Arnold Lobel, Lewis Carroll, Lillian Moore, Eve Merriam, Christina Rossetti, Marchette Chute, Charlotte Zolotow and many more!  Who are your favorite poets?  Having this poetry book bin always at hand allows us to enjoy a poem whenever we really need to... students love when you announce "Time for a Poem".  I have observed some students preparing their poems and tucking the poetry book inside their desk. They want to be ready to read and they want to be the ONE to be called on!    And you know it's working when poetry books come in from home!  and they start reading their OWN poetry!

Poetry Idea for Sharing:  Have your students make a sign that reads:

Poetry Break 
or you can download the one I made below  

Poetry Break Sign for Your Sharing Activity HERE
Alert your teacher colleagues and friends that 1 or 2 students may be coming into their classrooms to read aloud one favorite poem from a book.  
It's quick! only 1 or 2 minutes and the students love it!  and they are reading AND listening!  
 It's best if you set this activity up with your colleagues beforehand, asking permission.... if they would mind this brief, but very rewarding,    
  brain break!    and I found this activity works best if teachers  put in a time frame when the poetry readers can come in....
You can even include your Principal, Secretaries, Lunch Personnel and Custodians because everyone loves to listen to children read aloud, especially poetry.  I always have my students practice the poem a few times before sending them off with the sign.  Only two students would leave your room at one time, possibly four but no more than that. Everyone will have a turn as the year goes on. 


Reading for Meaning  
Comprehension Checks
with Poetry
for Grades K-1      
You can find it  HERE

Read a poem to someone today!