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Read about St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day

wearing green, coloring rainbows and searching for a pot of gold

Be sure to read your favorite St. Patrick's Day story today!

Here is one from my favorite author, Gail Gibbons.  Her books are wonderful in every way. She knows her audience and teaches them so many things about our world.  Thank you, Gail, for your informative and interesting books!
Illustrations are well done and Gibbons teaches the history and traditions of the clover. 
This book by Gail Gibbons is colorful and informative
This reader response  page teaches main idea and details.  
Main Idea : St. Patrick's Day, details....what details do you remember from your reading?  In an easy 4-square format!

Grab this FREE reader response page HERE to use with
Gail Gibbons book.  If you are so inclined to read your favorite book... just white out the title and author and fill in your own.

And here is one from another of my very favorite authors, Eve Bunting!  

What do leprechauns do?  Read this book to find out... Illustrations by Emily Arnold McCully are charming!  This is a MUST read!  

Find your leprechaun pages HERE

I created these pages with SPACE for the child writer... so important for writing... creativity and voice.  They will surprise you with their writing if you give them creative space to write their thoughts.  It's more fun for them and it creates so many teachable moments for YOU

Find your leprechaun pages HERE

Easy and fun to do for the Little Learners... You will need green peppers, paint and white paper! 

Until Next Time - Enjoy your reading day!